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Started by Noelemahc, December 23, 2006, 05:24AM

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Agreed. Once we finally settle on a single unified numbering principle, THEN we can talk about MAYBE asking Tommy to add the numbers to his meshes. BliZZ, consider also the fact that you'll have to deal with your own renumbering projekt in that case :D

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If anyone needs any art for icons or portraits, feel  free to ask, I'll see what I can do.

Quote from: thetommyboy2002 on March 23, 2007, 07:50AM
Blizz, re numbering in meshes:
I'm not keen, for the following reasons:
1. the "blanks" only show up in Arcades level, and then randomly (except one of the Ultron bots, which I've never been anywhere near). If they ALWAYS showed up when my meshes were used, there's some point, but I've seen them show up when using NPCs like Valkyrie, who is an "official" built in mesh, and I've seen the arcade androids happily mimic my meshes. So I doubt my changing my meshes to include the number would help. As ever, I could be wrong. If so, someone please let me know.
2. If your arbitrarily renaming a built in Iron Man mesh causes a problem...errr..don't do it. Leave it as it was and it will work the way it's supposed to. Seems a simpler solution to me.
3. Given that there is still no hard and fast "numbering convention", if I start putting numbers INTO my meshes, then I'm just opening the door to endless "can you re-export *character X* but change his number to the one I've arbitrarily chosen for them, rather than the arbitrarily chosen number you exported them with?" requests, which I don't want.

RE 1: It searches for the number contained in the model, and displays that.

RE2/3: I more meant how Hawkeye causes a blank to show up, as there is no 2030X in any model. As for exporting your meshes with numbers, I meant PSP chars. Obviously numbering ALL your meshes would be absurd at this point.

EDIT: PS: The Stark problem is an EASY fix, I was just posting because this is an odd/cool picture thread.


Renamed all instances of 0801 to 0805 in Ult Iceman, and he shows up fine (for those who don't believe the 'it searches for the number' thing)

Easiest. Pitfall-mini-game. Ever.

Mr. Maximoff (Blizz XML2-converted skin, Avengers Mod v.2.0 manually inserted to PSP-2-PC proyect)totally pwns everything at full boost. He doesn't even need the powers most of the time. The jumps are sick, the damage/time ratio is awesome, I don't even know why there aren't speedsters in these games.

The animation of Storm's Conduction looks like the energy fields around the main characters in Dragonball Z. If it's yellow, then she will become a Super Saiyan! ^^"

It's funny that you mention it, because I've already planned to mod the game into a DBZ game...  :rofl:  It would be awesome to have an RPG game like this for DBZ where you can have a developed list of powers and put detail on power usage, etc.  Basically, I would just use the game engine basics and rewrite the story and everything.  :runaway:  I liked the initial idea of Dragonball Z: Sagas, but it just didn't turn out right.  I've always wanted to play through the DBZ universe, being able to stop random baddies and help others along the way, do special missions, have training sessions with friends along the way to develop powers, have to actually FIND the dragonballs, then going to fight the main villains, etc.  It's all in the works.  :naughty:
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give me your best sreenshot of mua(xml1,2)

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Quote from: boreman on March 17, 2007, 04:08PM
(please, somebody make Sasquatch!)

Acording to Wikipedia, Iron Man's powers coul emulate Guardian's. Cool.

Hey! that's cool, I've been thinking of Omega Flight too.
Sasquatch would make an awesome skin. Is that Guardian skin downloadable?
I did a site search and yielded no results. Can you post this? Thnx.

EDIT: Thanks Blizz.
Check out issue #74 of Advanced Iron.
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Guardian is in the XML skin mega pack. It is on the main site, and also stickied in Mod Releases.

Nice.  I thought it'd be tougher to get Abyss working correctly.  Does he work fine in MUA?

Still working on his powers to get them right but punch knock back combos all that kind of stuff I got working so far, got some time this week end might be able to get him done if I can stop playing with him.big thanks to Blizz and Noelemahc for converting him. :stirthepot:
And their turning us into Monsters its all designed!!

Very nice I really like that and the skin itself are really good...sweet.
And their turning us into Monsters its all designed!!

Just a pic of evil doers you know that Bastion could never get along with Stryfe but what the hay.
And their turning us into Monsters its all designed!!