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Started by Outsider, April 06, 2013, 10:43AM

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Everyone, the summer has been very busy for me, what with real life stuff going on. As a result, the number of projects and fixes I had to do started to pile up, and I didn't want that. So one plan I wanted to do is turn some of my booster into full mods! The reasons are because (1) it makes it easier to find my works, as some don't bother looking for boosters if they don't like a mod, and (2) I'd rather not have my work be dependent on someone else's that may be deleted later on, when instead it can be all in one package. That said, the following boosters have been updated into full mods, with some changes and their herostats changed:

Black Cat -- :punisher_logo: Punisher -- :wisdom: Pete Wisdom

As time allows me, more of my boosters will be upgraded into full mods. Not all of them, though. The ones that boost OCP characters will probably be left alone. In addition, the following have been updated:

Kamala Khan -- :phoenix: Jean Grey (The Outsider's 250 Celebration) -- Dark Phoenix booster

More will come in good time. Stay tuned, boys and girls... :king: (evil laugh)

My :polaris: Polaris booster has been updated into a full mod! I've added Modern & Shi'ar skins & HUDs, and moved all effects to one folder. Herostat has changed. (NOTE: Please delete the "effects/char/polaris" folder. It's not needed anymore.)

As mentioned in my previous post, more of my boosters will be turned into full mods in good time.

In addition to this, the following have been updated --
Gwenpool: Added katana boltons for players who don't already have them.
Jessica Jones: Changed music function for her Netflix theme; Changed her xtreme's name and removed whiskey references as to not unintentionally make fun of alcoholism, which is very serious.
Night Thrasher: Changed music function for "Sounds of the City" and switched two tracks, fixed talent errors.
Snowbird: Added a newer Alpha Flight skin by Anderson. Herostat has changed. (NOTE: In the actors folder, please delete skin 9678. It's useless now.)

There are still more things to do, I just can't move as fast as I used to. Things are still quite busy for me, but all will come in good time. Stay tuned, boys and girls... :king: (evil laugh)

My booster of Dagger has become her own mod, so now :cd: Cloak & Dagger are together in one package! In addition, the following mods have been updated:

:carnage: Carnage: Fixed some coding errors.
The Darkness: Changed "Summon Darklings" power's functioning.
:punisher_logo: Punisher: Added his Future Revolution skin & HUD. Herostat has changed.

There may be more updates soon, so be on the lookout.

Thanks outsider for all the work you put in, I didnt know the mods could get any better.

October 02, 2023, 02:08AM #2569 Last Edit: May 29, 2024, 03:52AM by Outsider

Here is my mod of :namor: Namor McKensie, the Sub-Mariner and King of Atlantis known simply as Namor. Originally within my Deep Six booster, many couldn't find it and kept asking me where my Namor booster is when they heard that I had upgraded him. So now he's a full mod, and I think I did him justice. Check him out.

UPDATE: Added some missing effects.

-5 powers, 2 boosts, and an Xtreme.
-Abilities of Flight, Might and Atlantean Advantage (hold block and press jump during the Atlantis stages to gain a powerful boost).
-5 hex-edited skins, 4 HUDs, icons, 2 loading screens, mannequin, and sound/voice file.
-Uses official number #63.

For his Atlantean Advantage to work, my special scripts package is required. Download that here: (If you have the new EXG, then disregard as the EXG has these scripts included.)

1. Hydro Uppercut: Releases close-range geysers of water, launching enemies upward. Also strengthens grab smash.
2. Trident Strike: Namor uses his trident to trip his enemies, stunning them.
3. Bio-Shock: Uses his own Atlantean bio-electricity to fire a shocking beam.
4. Sub-Mariner Smash: Punches the ground with pure strength, creating a water-filled tremor on nearby enemies.
5. Water Coffin: Namor traps an enemy into a water bubble, cutting off oxygen and draining health fast.
6. (Boost) Living SONAR: Reveals all enemies on the automap and decreases damage taken for entire party.
7. (Boost) Aquatic Healing: Raises his health regeneration rate for a time.
8. (Xtreme) Imperius Rex: Namor charges up his bio-electricity in three rapid charges, destroying all enemies.

Outsider - Mod creation & coding, Namor X-Men skin, Sub-Mariner & Phoenix Five HUDs, icons, sounds, loading screens, etc.
BaconWizard17 - MFF skin, mannequin, trident model
UltraMegaMagnus - Phoenix Five skin, Icons acquisition
BLaw - Modern & New Invaders skins & HUDs
Hemlot & Stickbro - Voice acquisition

None so far.


Everyone, in addition to the post above are the following updates:

:havok: My Havok booster is now its own mod.
Rain now has the Aquatic Advantage ability.
Kamala Khan now has her MCU skin.
My Deep Six booster now grants the Aquatic Advantage ability to Hydro-Man, Byrrah, and Krang.

Stay tuned for more things to come.

Everyone, my booster of :husk: Husk has now become its own mod.

And, the following mods and boosters have been updated with new fightstyle_carryguy files in the hopes of reducing triggers:
A-Bomb, :hulk_icon: Bruce Banner, :colossus: Colossus (booster), :colossus: Colossus (X-Men Arcade Retro), Goro, :juggernaut: Juggernaut (booster), Nemesis, Onslaught, Red Hulk, Sentinel, Shao Kahn, Strong Guy, Wendigo, and Ymir (250 Collection).

October 21, 2023, 07:21AM #2572 Last Edit: October 21, 2023, 07:23AM by Outsider
In addition to the above changes, it has come to my attention that my Gun Girls mods weren't updated. I had an updated version done, but somehow didn't get to upload it to Mediafire, replacing the previous one. (From the looks of the date when the update was made, it was around when I started work on the Expanded Game -- EXG). ak2yny had to point out that the herostats weren't updated, but turns out it was the whole mod package. It's been updated now. My sincere apologies for not realizing this sooner.,8753.msg181517.html#msg181517

Everyone, the following boosters have been updated into full mods.

:apocalypse: Apocalypse, :blackshake: Black Bolt, :electro: Electro, :spiderman: Scarlet Spider, & Selene.

More could be coming as time permits.

Also, :morph: Morph has been updated, as one of his skins previously (and unknowingly) clashed with and overwrote Toad's tongue. As a result, his herostat has changed. Also, his skins have been hex-edited. If you have him, download again and overwrite everything.

Now, more of my boosters have upgraded into full mods:

Elixir, :psylocke: Psylocke & :revanche: Revanche, :sskrull: Super-Skrull, and Wonder Woman.

More could be coming as time permits.

I am working on new mods as well, so stay tuned... :king: (evil laugh)

November 13, 2023, 12:36AM #2576 Last Edit: December 10, 2023, 08:22AM by Outsider

At long last, here are my mods of the classic boys in beige known as the Ghostbusters. Finally, you can play as Peter, Egon, Ray, & Winston and battle your way through MUA looking for ghosts. The Masters of Evil are causing something strange in the neighborhood. Nick Fury knew who to call...

-Contains four mods: Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, & Winston Zeddemore.
-3 powers, 2 boosts, and an Xtreme for each.
-Ability of Ghostbuster Music (plays a classic GB track for 60 seconds).
-4 hex-edited skins, 4 HUDs, icons, loading screen, mannequins, and sound/voice files containing the voices of Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, & Ernie Hudson.
-Uses assigned number #230-233 (Peter shares with Forge & Raphael, Egon shares with Apocalypse & Michelangelo, Ray shares with Elixir & Aquaman, and Winston shares with Omega Red & Beast Boy).

1. Neutrona Charge: Charges forward in a shoulder attack to stun enemies, followed by a single ion blast. Also strengthens grab smash.
2. Proton Blaster: Fires three damaging ion blasts from his Neutrona Wand gun.
3. Ghost Bombs: Throws up four special explosives that usually kills ghosts, but will damage enemies.
4. (Boost) Ecto-Goggles: Shows enemies on the mini-map and increases defense while searching for ghosts.
5. (Boost) Motivation: A dear friend inspires and boosts them up during their adventures. (Dana Barrett boosts Peter, Louis Tully boosts Egon, Slimer boosts Ray, and Janine Melnitz boosts Winston.)
6. (Xtreme) Who You Gonna Call?: Sets up a ghost trap underneath enemies, then fires static ion blasts to damage them into going inside.

These mods contain 60 seconds of music from the Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II soundtracks. I claim no credit for these tracks.

Outsider - Mod creation & coding, HUDs, icons, loading screen, effects, sounds, hex-editing, music scripts, etc.
UltraMegaMagnus - Skins, Neutrona Wand & Ghost Trap models, mannequins
Ceamonks890 & Spaceman - Voice files

Don't use their Xtreme on giant bosses such as Fin Fang Foom, as it will softlock the game.


Everyone, the following mods and boosters have been updated. (My apologies it took awhile to address the issues some of you reported, as I've been super busy. But I do hear you.)

Agent Carter: Fixed melee gun effects.
Agents of SHIELD: (All) Fixed melee gun effects.
Gwenpool: Added Evil skin, fixed melee gun effects. Herostat has changed.
Namor: Fixed damage output of "Trident Strike" and grab smash.
Phil Coulson: Fixed melee gun effects.
:punisher_logo: Punisher: Added MUA3 skin. Herostat has changed.
Quake: Fixed "Daisy Dukes" shot and melee gun effects.
Winter Soldier: Fixed "Desert Eagle" sound loop, updated combat animations.
:wolverine: Wolverine (booster): Added back newer animations, now heals faster*, fixed abilites for smaller herostat. Herostat has changed.
X-Men Arcade Retro Collection: (Wolverine) Added back newer animations, revamped skin, now heals faster. Herostat has changed.

*For those of you wondering why I made Wolverine heal even faster now, it's because so many characters use the healing factor ability now, but for Wolverine, this is his mutant power. He's supposed to heal faster than everyone else can. So this gives him his edge back.

As usual, you never know what's coming next out of The Crypt, so stay tuned, boys and girls. :king: (evil laugh)

Ladies and gentlemen, my booster of the mighty Thanos has become a full mod! I've changed his voice file, added new skins & HUDs, and adjusted some of his powers. Herostat has changed. Check him out.

In addition, :electro: Electro has been updated, as it was unfortunately missing his herostat.