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Yep Outsider she likes Sharon Rogers (great work, by the way), still haven't put Luna. By the way, I see some modders put notes saying their chars replace mannequins. Does that mean that the replaced char mannequin is just lost? As in, you cannot play that char again cuz its mannequin got replaced?

So, what that means is that you have to be careful with the mannequins of characters that share the same mod number. The game can only recognize one mannequin for every mod number. (Location: "ui/models/mannequin" - All mannequins are numbered ##Mod Number + 01.) Let's say you download a mod that has the same mod number as Daredevil (it's a rule that modders have to warn you of such things), you could potentially overwrite Daredevil's mannequin for that new character. It's unfortunate, but it's out of our hands. That's hard-coded into the game.

What I do is whenever I see a mod that I want that clashes with another, I go into "ui/models/mannequin" and rename the current mannequin as "##_character.igb" so that when the new one arrives, it won't overwrite the other mannequin. Then just rename the clashing mannequins whenever you want to use or the other. Annoying, I know, but it's the best we got until a better solution comes along.

Barely a few minutes passed, and already I need to release a new version to fix some bugs. Sorry about that.

Changes made with version 1.0.5 of the Lupan mod:

-drastically reduced the energy costs of Obsess to Impress and Love, they previously had such a high energy cost that they couldn't be used at early levels at all
-Lupan now has quotes for leveling up, which I forgot to take care of earlier. Took some of her quotes from Obsess to Impress. Voiceover material's quite scarce with this one.

Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/w8pvdomra385rgh/Lupan_V1.0.5.rar/file
Yep Outsider she likes Sharon Rogers (great work, by the way), still haven't put Luna. By the way, I see some modders put notes saying their chars replace mannequins. Does that mean that the replaced char mannequin is just lost? As in, you cannot play that char again cuz its mannequin got replaced?
Hasn't been a long time since my official release of Tenebris, but I bring to you, regardless, the DesireWorker of Love, Lupan!


Lupan was among the humans who were unfortunate enough to be trapped inside the Great Void, a massive lump of alien energy which plunged Cloudream into chaos without warning or reason. In an environment as dangerous as this, infested with terrible creatures with an appetite for all matter, organic or otherwise, any lone regular person would either fall prey to said creatures or be mentally ruined by the malevolent essence which defines the Void - Desire. She was of the latter type, as her greed for love drowned out all reason and humanity, even in this negative place, and empowered her with the ability to generate a weapon of her choice, the fencing blade, out of thin air, as well as vastly improved durability, stamina, strength, reflexes, agility and a healing factor.

After roaming the Void all alone for some time, she was eventually defeated and captured by a man named Tenebris, taken to a shelter called Grasscover Camp, in hopes of successfully rehabilitating her from her broken state of mind. At the time, the inhabitants of the camp regarded this idea with little more than scoffs and raised eyebrows, for DesireWorkers are murderous animals with no human traits other than their appearance and intelligence. Against all expectations, the actions of Tenebris and his friend and co-founder of the camp, Ladi, seemingly succeeded in their endeavor to cure Lupan of Desire's influence. She could once again walk among humans as one of them, untainted by this power... or so it was assumed. The truth was something else entirely.

Unbeknownst to all, perhaps even herself, the target of Lupan's greed simply changed. Seeing Tenebris' determination to restore this poor victim's soul, in spite of everyone else's ugly stares, proved to be touching to her very core, and thus she developed deep affectionate feelings for him. And yet she remained capable of rational thought and normal social interactions, in order to keep him close, thus attracting the suspicion of none. Mistaken for a SoulWorker henceforth, she fought bravely in defense of the people of Grasscover Camp, until its very end.

Though successful for a time, even this shelter could not withstand the countless dangers of the Void forever. Negativity crept inside the hearts of its members, giving birth to infighting, and the eventual fall of Grasscover Camp, from the inside out. With this chapter behind her, Lupan too had to move on, and after a long time, she found herself out of the Void, back into the outside world.

Little is known of her endeavors from this point on, except that she discovered that Tenebris, too, made it out of the Void, and was still alive along with Kant, the creator of the Void, fighting against humanity. Her greed for Tenebris withstood the test of time, and so, robbed of any capacity for rational thought, it led her to join the side against her own kind. At present, she is scoring victory after victory in their name, with no ambitions or aspirations other than those of the man she obsessively craves. The world may crumble around her, but for as long as he is next to her, hers will persist.

This mod features:

-one skin: DesireWorker
-4 basic powers
-1 debuff
-2 boosts
-1 Xtreme
-1 loading screen
-a mechanic which makes a power require the use of another power previously to be temporarily unlocked

WARNING: This mod clashes with Black Widow (vanilla). Before installing it, make sure to backup ui/models/mannequin/14801.igb and textures/loading/14801.igb, and remove her from your roster if she is there. Failing or neglecting to take these measures will result in issues.

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/w8pvdomra385rgh/Lupan_V1.0.5.rar/file
Mod showcase video: coming soon

Known issues and credits can be found inside the README.txt file.

Other than that, developing this mod has been a blast. I feel like I've realized my vision for the most part with this execution. I hope you enjoy playing with it, and that I'll see you again here, in my mod catalog, for my future mod releases.

Until next time, have a good one. Corvette, taking off.
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Canino's mods
« Last post by Canino on Today at 03:13 pm »

Releasing to celebrate WandaVision!!!

Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Zignutu's Skins Releases
« Last post by Zignutus on Today at 02:58 pm »

Added S.W.O.R.D. agents (including a Heroic Monica Rambeau and a agent one, a Classic Abigail Brand and a agent uniform one, a Jimmy Woo from Agents of Atlas and a agent uniform skin, and 2 versions of Spider-Woman and Leonard Samson) and a 3-pack for Captain America.
Since I forgot to mention it before, the new version of OpenHeroSelect with Sagap's fantastic improvements is now live!
I've added 3 more skins for Magneto! They are House of X, House of X (Unmasked), and Age of Apocalypse

The final 4 skins for Magneto are now available! Ultimate XML1, Ultimate XML1 (Unmasked), Ultimate XML2, and Ultimate XML2 (Unmasked)

It's cool, I understand there are things that would make it easier. I'm hoping that the upcoming split file version with an order file will simplify things.
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