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Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Canino's mods
« Last post by Canino on Today at 10:35 am »

Hello thank you so much for doing this I installed all of them lol but Marrow is giving me trouble for some reason I tried with the many different roster hacks. Could it be a mistake in my end?
Wow that Banshee mod! So good bravo!  :bowdown:
New update- Added conversations for two additional characters:

Green Lantern & Cyborg

See first post for updated link.
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Ceamonks890's Character Mods
« Last post by Ceamonks890 on May 13, 2021, 05:28pm »

I am Uatu, the Watcher.
Throughout countless millennia, I have bare witness to many realities and the denizens that inhabit them with their own stories to tell, including your own.

Many strange and fascinating beings of varying morality from across time and space have all found themselves flung back to this specific Earth and timeline, in order to achieve a common goal.
For what reason, things aren't immediately clear to our ever-expanding team of heroes and villains.

But as the journey progresses, they'll find themselves having to make challenging, almost compromising choices for the sake of their own existential survival.

Now comes the inevitable question... What if a Watcher aided in attempting to restablize the omniverse, brought on by the disruptive stolen power and influence of the Earthling known as Victor Von Doom?

Well fellow observers, wonder no longer as we view a different version of myself breaking the sacred vow of the Watchers to never interfere, putting his own life on the line for the sake of beings we both possess a strong fondness for.

Go now... Experience what I see for yourself.

-3 powers, 4 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of flight, might, 100% chance of resurrection (due to Uatu's strong willpower), 55% resistant to physical and energy damage, immunity to mind control
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using a modified version of my own voice.
-Uses assigned number #109 (will clash with Squirrel Girl and Martian Manhunter in mannequin).

-A mannequin.

1. Cosmic Blast: Uatu fires a powerful blast of cosmic energy from his hands, dealing energy damage to threats in the way.
2. Forced Containment: Uatu traps an enemy in one of his generated forcefields and flings them away. Disables access to their special abilities for a time.
3. Better Look: Uatu teleports himself to a different position, causing damage to enemies upon reappearing.  If an ally is directly infront of you, they will teleport with you.
4. (Boost) Cosmic Senses: Uatu sees into the future briefly, revealing nearby enemy positions whilst increasing overall attack speed and chances of enemy attacks being unsuccessful in landing.
5. (Boost) True Size: Uatu uses his size alteration powers to grow back to the size of his NPC model for a time, temporarily increasing the strength of his attacks, max health and overall defense. Cannot regain energy.
6. (Boost) Power Augmentation: Uatu temporarily grants a portion of his vast cosmic energies to his willing teammates, adding additional energy damage to their attacks.
7. (Boost) Mental Invisibility: Uatu uses his incredible telepathic powers to seemingly render himself and his teammates invisible to foes for a time, reducing damage received from enemies.
8. (Xtreme) Cosmic Storm: Uatu generates a supernatural storm and rains down cosmic rays upon foes. Increases the damage of his teammates' Xtremes if available.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, icons, loading screen, effects, sounds etc.
Raven Software- Hex-edited Uatu the Watcher skin, hud

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/a9mc6v1l7kkjuw4/Uatu_the_Watcher_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file
Fiquei muito feliz com o seu comentário, Anderson! E também quando vi os meus dois mods nos seus vídeos! Quero continuar melhorando os dois sempre que possível. Você e todos aqui são uma inspiração enorme, que eu possa sempre contribuir apesar da corrida diária.

Your comment has made me really happy, Anderson, just like when I saw both my mods being played on your Youtube videos! I'll continue to improve them whenever possible. You and all modders from this community are a huge inspiration. I hope I can always help out despite the daily struggle.
It's been a while, but I've got a treat for you. Than you for the wait, and without further ado, I introduce to you my ninth SoulWorker mod, and tenth mod overall, the SoulWorker of Delight, Erwin Arclight!


Excellence, fame, wealth, recognition. All herculean achievements by normal standards, but for the young man called Erwin Arclight, it took no challenge whatsoever to attain. Accomplished in life as a renowned game developer at the age of 18, though he never actively chased such success in the first place, he could only dismiss the world as boring, incapable of finding anything that would truly be deserving of his interest no matter how many days passed. That is, until a mysterious threat befell Stair Second, the Earth of an alternate universe, his home.

This threat would go down in history as the Great Void. Along with it came immeasurable death and destruction, as nightmarish creatures, dubbed SoulDregs, started to appear, bent on devouring people. And to make matters worse, a gigantic lump of alien energy expanded across wide landscapes and everything that inhabited them, with no possibility for rescuing anyone caught inside. The average person would think of this and be overcome with unease for the present as well as the future, but Erwin Arclight was no average person. In his eyes, this was the excitement he had awaited his entire life.

In an act of what most people would define as insanity, Erwin willingly left his safe abode and approached the Void, with a most genuine intention to enter it and discover its mysteries, and a wide grin of happiness on his face. Upon entering, he learned that inside the Void, even more SoulDregs stalked the land than outside. Inevitably, he too would encounter such monsters himself after enough time. But these encounters did not end with him as a victim. Instead, he took in the unpredicted gifts of this place, becoming a SoulForcer, capable of projecting energy blasts, as well as gaining increased physical attributes. Thus was also born his desire to be an invincible hero, admired by men and coveted by women, not unlike the perfect figures of movies and comic books.

Eventually, he found a settlement called Grasscover Camp, founded by two young men, named Tenebris and Ladi. Seeing this as a chance to find the recognition he fantasized about, he joined it as one of the few people who had the power to protect it from approaching SoulDregs. Unfortunately, what he was met with was quite the opposite of what he envisioned - his strange philosophies and attitude towards the dire situation that humans faced in the Void prompted people to proceed with caution when around him, in spite of his actions which served the camp.

It wasn't long before he acknowledged the highly respected and immensely powerful SoulWorker, Tenebris, as his rival, whom he would one day overcome. Around this time, he also figured out that a member, known as Kant, was actually the one responsible for the Great Void, infiltrated as a survivor and protector in order to facilitate the gradual transformation of the people of Grasscover Camp into DesireWorkers, people devoid of reason, morality or restraint whose only goal in life is to selfishly satisfy their greed, with no cost being too great. Having realized this, Erwin once again made a decision no other person in their right mind would've - to take an interest in this dangerous, godlike creature and to hide the truth of his identity from others.

Thus began Erwin's mastery of the forbidden power, called Desire, under Kant's secret tutelage. He eventually came so far as to be able to have body parts cut off without it registering or causing any subsequent harm to him. But this would not fly without others growing suspicious of him. The other inhabitants of the settlement - Tenebris, more so than anyone else - began expressing their concerns that Erwin might become a DesireWorker if he's not careful, which he only saw as arrogance. Yet these concerns proved not to be unfounded, for he would be responsible for an event which would begin Grasscover Camp's fall down the line.

Though Kant and Tenebris were on Erwin's mind a fair amount, none drew his attention more than a teenage girl, called Haru Estia, who was being kept inside a tent indefinitely as a DesireWorker in rehabilitation. He later learned that she was also Kant's chosen masterpiece, and that she must be kept inside, left with nothing but her thoughts of revenge and grief to mull over, as part of his plans for her. And so, not only because he wished to trick and outsmart the progenitor of the Void himself, but also because he wanted to see the girl's smile, he devised a plan to escape Grasscover Camp with her.

Though distant, unsociable and even threatening, Haru agreed to cooperate with him upon being sold on the promise that he would lead her to the one who created the Void so that she could have revenge for what she had lost. Their attempt to run away a success, Erwin was labeled a traitor, and Kant became infuriated with him, knowing full well he tried to foil his plans. He eventually tracked the two runaways down to another settlement which was in close communication with Grasscover Camp, called Azland Camp, where he would soon watch both succumb to the irresistible influence of Desire.

As they spent time together, the walls around Haru's broken heart came down, and she grew close to Erwin, even coming so far as to declare that she would protect the people of Azland Camp, with whom she dined, laughed and grieved during her time there, with vengeance as a long term goal.

Though this success would prove to be a short-lived one on his part.

Barely two days since they made camp there, the people of Azland Camp received an anonymous tip from Grasscover Camp that two DesireWorkers recently escaped its boundaries, and thus plotted to kill the now suspicious Erwin and Haru in their sleep. The former, realizing the situation, was taken aback by Kant's sudden appearance before he could escape with her. Yet he was no longer angry; quite the opposite. Erwin had unknowingly provided the perfect opportunity for Haru to awaken as a true DesireWorker, by putting her in a position where she is forced to defend herself against and kill everyone in the camp she bonded with.

As the girl's last remaining fragments of optimism eroded under the realization of betrayal and maddened laughter, she transformed into the Void's greatest monster - the DesireWorker of Revenge. Knowing there was no other choice for him to survive, Erwin admitted defeat, and he too became the DesireWorker of Delight. The two, reborn as villains without principle, began their journey like so, towards the killing of all living beings in the Void.

Their bloody campaign was all but successful, for Haru became a model and inspiration to all those like her, making them even stronger and more vicious, and no less than thousands of innocent victims met a miserable end at their mercy. Before long, even Grasscover Camp was annihilated, bringing with it the crumbling of the only hope humanity ever had in the Void. Soon, there would be room only for chaos in this hell.

After 15 years had passed since Erwin first entered the Void, his mind, as well as those of six other remaining DesireWorkers, were overtaken by Kant to be used against his enemy, a divine woman clad in gold called Roska, who threatened to end the cruel reality he has made. Even their combined might was easily bested by that of the goddess, who then split the timeline into multiple alternate timelines, one for each of the six DesireWorkers, and cast them out of the Void. Upon being thrown out, all lost their memories up until the moment they woke up.

The first thing Erwin saw was a crumbling world, in need of salvation. A new driving force took root in his heart, the wish to use his powers as a SoulForcer, and soon SoulWorker of Delight, to protect mankind. Though decorated with victory and stained with failure all the same, he remains the greatest asset in Stair Second for the defense of humanity.

This mod features:

-four skins: SoulWorker (default), Advancement, DesireWorker and SoulJustice
-unique textures
-three loading screens
-sound effects and voice lines from the SoulWorker game
-a stance changing mechanic, between long range and close range fighting
-a stacking mechanic which increases his damage dealt when he hits an enemy with certain powers
-alternate voice and effects packs to better fit the DesireWorker skin

In order to switch between the default and the DesireWorker effects pack, all you have to do is overwrite the .xmlb files in effects/char/erwin_arclight, inside your game directory, with the .xmlb files in effects/default or desire/char/erwin_arclight inside the mod directory. Same deal with the voice packs - replace erwin_v.zss and erwin_m.zsm in sounds/eng/e/r accordingly.

WARNING: This mod clashes with Iammingy's She-Hulk mod. If you have that mod, then before installing this one, make sure she's not in your roster, and backup ui/models/mannequin/15901.igb, as well as textures/loading/15901.igb, 15902.igb and 15903.igb. Failing or neglecting to do so will result in issues.

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/c3dx5vyfd61wcrk/Erwin_Arclight_V1.0.rar/file
Mod showcase + gameplay video: coming soon
DesireWorker voice and effects packs showcase: coming soon

Thank you for downloading this mod, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Known issues and credits can be found inside the README.txt file inside the mod directory.

Until next time, have a good one. Corvette, taking off.
Of course man! No worries, the wait is more than worth it for the quality of your work. I'm playing with a controller now and Wave (and everyone else) is working absolutely perfect. Currently running a squad of Wave, Attuma, Blackheart, and Dormammu and I've never felt more powerful in an Ultimate Alliance game. Keep up the good work, very excited for more of your work in the future.

Also, just a question, I can't seem to figure out how to "combine" Dormammu's creation powers? Can you give me some insight on how to actually do it? Thank you!

If you think that's a powerful team, then you should try the team of Blackheart, Dormammu, Mephisto and Satana! You'll slaughter enemies in no time...

To combine spells, read his "Power of Creation" or his "Power of Destruction" description. It will tell you how to combine both spells (if you have them both unlocked) or even cancel them. Right after you perform the power, he stands with a colored flame, waiting for you to press the next button to control what he does next. That's when you can perform spells, cancel spells, or combine spells. (Yeah, I'm very proud of that how mod came out. :king: Dormammu is considered one of my greatest mods because of how different he plays from everyone else.)

Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: MOD HOLOCAUST
« Last post by hemlot on May 12, 2021, 04:46pm »
He looks really fun! Congratulations on the release!
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: MOD HOLOCAUST
« Last post by Ryujin Jakka on May 12, 2021, 02:47am »
Thanks !!!!
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