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Awesome job on Huntress!

Nice work with Huntress ;)

Thanks for that, amigos. I still have more in store before the Crypt shuts down.

It's all good, Outsider! I appreciate you always keeping on top of your work :)

And that certainly isn't easy, as many as I've done!

Very creative mod! You really made a lot from just a few animations
More playable generics. Woo!

Acolyte Elite

The loyal follower serving under Magneto is now ready to join the adventure. As mentioned before, his moves heavily references majority of the acolyte variants and the shocktroopers from both games. Unfortunately, his name was too long in the Character Select menu since it goes off the name space by 2 letters, so I had to shortened his name just so it would look nice. There's already an Acolyte Elite existing from XML1 (the smaller variant) but I still went with Elite anyway just to fit his role as a nameless hero than leaving it Acolyte and sounding like a Major character. This brute is ready to wreck his Shocktrooper counter parts for reusing his appearance and fighting under Apocalypse's forces.
Feel the power of the Acolytes!


* He uses the fightstyle_wrestling animation set for his _nc.fb.'s. This was so his model will appear when selected in any Change Team menu at an xtraction point so you can browse through his costume set. His actual animation set lacks an Idle so he won't appear when you visit the Team Information menu when away from base.
* His Shock Blast's p2_impact doesn't align with the end part of the P2_power when hitting isolated objects or enemies. I've had some trouble with it, but for now, it only looks nice when hitting walls. I will expect to make fixes to it in the future.


01 - Acolyte Warrior
02 - Acolyte Warrior Elite (AoA Boost)
03 - Brotherhood Marauder



Bruising Fist (Melee) - A heavy attack that knocks back enemies.

Shock Blast (Beam) - Generates energy through his hand and blasts enemies with a bolting beam.

Power Slam (Radial) - Smashes the ground with brute force, creating a large radial shockwave.

Paralyzing Wave (Radial) - Generates and sends an electrical wave at enemies up front, stunning them. Takes 10% of his own HP away during the process.

Tyrant Charge (Charge) - Rushes against enemies, and objects, knocking them back.

Power Stomp (Radial) - Stomps the ground, launching the surrounding enemies upwards.

DEVASTATING SLAM (XTREME) - A powerful version of Power Slam.

SHOCK CHARGE (XTREME Boost) - Resurrects nearby fallen allies. (Allies only)

Bold Stance (Boost) - The Acolyte is able to stand his ground, increasing defense and resisting knockback. It doesn't last very long.

Intimidate (Debuff) - Puts fear into enemies, decreasing their attack power and defenses.

Passive Skills:

Body Armor - Increases physical, and energy resistances.

That's because it's missing textures
Heya I'm here to talk about Domino it seems her Grenade explosion sprite explodes into yellow & pink squares would you happen to know how to fix that?

XML1 Workbench / Re: Understanding the Herostat
« Last post by xmlsimulator on September 21, 2019, 09:53pm »
I tried everything you said and it still keeps giving me unknown instruction errors...
XML1 Workbench / i need help changing the herostat
« Last post by xmlsimulator on September 21, 2019, 09:51pm »
I need help with the herostat for xml1. I did everything as instructed and it is still not working!
I would like to put comments in my herostat.cfg file, just for my own reference.  Do I just use the hashtag # symbol at the beginning of the line, like in the game's script files?

Ah I never even thought about comments. I just updated it, if you download the current version, you can add comments to both herostat.cfg and menulocations.cfg. The comment has to be on its own line and the line has to start with a '#' character.
Misc. Modifications / Re: The elusive M voice pack!!!!!
« Last post by Jonnydragon88 on September 21, 2019, 04:41pm »
Definitely do Cloak next.

He’ll get his eventually. But IF Tyrone wins the popular vote, he’ll get his next.
Misc. Modifications / Re: The elusive M voice pack!!!!!
« Last post by JubilationLee on September 21, 2019, 02:51pm »
Definitely do Cloak next.
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