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New York North Side

Finally being able to give my Revolt Soldier some powers he deserved (A basic gun firing skill and grenade skill), it made it easier to set them up for his NPC counterpart. Imperial Soldiers will now appear patrolling the streets of New York's North Side, also where you face DeadPool. They are ready to engage in an assault at your heroes with their MP5 and hand grenades.
It will be just like battling GRSO Soldiers again!

Map Information: Some additional minor changes were made besides having Imperial Soldiers added to the map.
- Imperial Soldiers take over Master Sniper's positions. (data replaces over Master Snipers)
- Master Snipers take over Optic Crawler's positions. (data replaces over Optic Crawlers)
- Optic Crawlers no longer appear in this map.

Enemy Data:

Level: 38
Basic appearance: Imperial Soldier
Mutated leader name: Elite Infantry
Power 1: Rapid Fire
Power 2: Throws a Frag Grenade. Takes a little longer to explode than the playable counterpart's (Revolt Soldier's)
Basic Attacks: Uses Fightstyle Rifle in his powerset.
- Whacks enemies with the back of his gun and breach kicks.


Danger Room Mode

Want to play as him in Danger Room mode?

His Danger Room stats has also been updated!

Nice! Thank you! :D
Here ya go. Managed to archive this before Sendspace started having issues. I hope Cohollow doesn't mind-
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Beast Uncanny Character Mod (Cohollow)
« Last post by Lags on February 15, 2020, 11:54pm »
Cohollow, I'm in the process of converting Beast over for Game Cube users, and I'm having trouble downloading the shared talent off Sendspace. Will it be alright for you to upload it to another host? :)
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Beast Uncanny Character Mod (Cohollow)
« Last post by ariesxj on February 15, 2020, 08:01pm »
"You have no idea how perfectly timed this comment is. I was just telling some homies I might hang up the modding for a time when u gave me a kick ass morale boost. thx homie!"
Why? If you're just tired of it or if you need more personal/professional time, of course. There are few of us that still love it but *it is just a game after all*, but you've done a great job so far. I'm sure it takes way more time than most have. I was going to ask if you had anyone else on your roster.
Here comes my latest voice pack, Samus Aran! I was never happy with the v_zss file that came with the mod; it seemed too over the top/aggressive for the cold, withdrawn Bounty Hunter Samus is supposed to be. Therefore, using sounds from Metroid Prime and Jennifer Hale's Phoenix in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 I present an alternative voice pack!
Hope you enjoy him as much as i do! He is quite fun.
And now for something a little bit different. The following download contains entirely recorded voice clips by me under an altered pitch for every single team bonus you can possibly think of (which alongside a ton of made-up custom ones), contains every single team bonus for XML2, MUA1, MUA2 & MUA3 as well.

To add these in, modify the x_voice file as you would for character callouts. Enjoy!
Misc. Modifications / Re: New MUA side missions
« Last post by deadjoke on February 14, 2020, 03:53pm »
I have installed and uninstalled this mod twice now so far and each time, instead of sabertooth being in the medical bay, black panther is there in his place. You can't interact with him and sabertooth is nowhere to be found lol.
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Beast Uncanny Character Mod (Cohollow)
« Last post by Cohollow on February 14, 2020, 03:40pm »
You have no idea how perfectly timed this comment is. I was just telling some homies I might hang up the modding for a time when u gave me a kick ass morale boost. thx homie!

So about your idea to have Beast on all fours like Nightcrawler. I wish I could say that can be done but there are very tight limitations on what animations can be used by a character. A character can only utilize the animations that come with the fightstyle that u use. This Beast mod uses the beast from the first game meaning his animations are very limited as XML1 only had a small handful of powers for each character. A buff, 2 attacks, and an Xtreme. Tho there are animations called shared animations that can be used by any character. These consist of the common animations that are used by most characters such as jump, dodge, etc. In order to get the wide range of powers for this mod I had to chain together many different animations in different ways to get the desired effects.

Feel free to zone out as I'm about to get a lil too technical. His leap and pound attack for example uses 3 animations all stitched together in the coding of his powerstyle. It starts with the jump land which gives him the short crouch before he jumps. then it chains to one of his original basic combo attacks that has him do a quick front flip in the middle of his combo. To make the front flip accelerate forward I added one of the charge handlers used in rush attacks like Siberian express (colossus) It then chains to jump land once more to add extra wieght to the animation when he slams into the ground to deliver a radial blast... I'm rlly sorry for getting so long winded, but i love talking about mah boi! His rush move uses 5 diff animations all with diff controls and handelers to make it function smoothly and efficiently :P

Any who I won't continue to geek out over animations. I hope my unnecessarily long winded answer was informative XD
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