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My next mod will actually be a 2 for 1 special. For that reason, I'm afraid I must set the expectation that it may take a little longer to put this next batch of content out, but my hope is that the extra time I will have taken will also have made it worth the wait.
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Last post by UltraMegaMagnus on September 17, 2020, 11:38pm »
thx ak2yny and JAYBIRD for the help, any is very appreciated.
All of your work ak2yny will be included, albeit modified for Venom.

I think I sufficiently answered how you can use RE files without breaking compatibility.
I'm not sure if you meant to be rude here, but I'd kindly ask to try to avoid any sentence that could sound rude or bossy, I was already annoyed by the exclamation point in your txt. I'm aware you apologized for anything that could sound harsh, still it's annoys me to read things that looks like passive aggressive and bossy to me.
I'm ranting here, but I had to spit it out. I don't want to sound mean here, appreciate your help, I'm just getting increasingly annoyed and losing motivation.
The real issue is the internal name and soundname, you change them, you break conversation for gold characters and others mods making use of them, since most of them use OCP 1.3 naming. Conversation references internal name and sound path. Using RE files is definitely fine.

I also highly recommend everyone the use of MO2 for testing

For the help needed:
- Any report, suggestion, discussion, testing (using MO2 is a plus)
- Sounds upgrade for XML1 characters, someone would have to convert to wav the xvoice with foobar2000+vgmsteam to get clean sound, I can do this, but prefer to do others stuff, it's a minor thing, consider it as bonus, old sounds were fine, but could be better.
- Animated flying mannequin or static grounded mannequin
- Human Torch mannequin and effect in team select as a bonus, but for Ghost Rider and Human Torch, I believe it's best to have mannequins without effect, because their effect is persistent in hero detail while in combat mode, it's coded in the exe, as such even, if you remove them, the effect is still present, unless you change their reference in the exe as reported by Scottsum.
- XML characters with melee atk from XML?
- anything else I can't do or thing missed
- hud fix, still need to remove bad upscaled.
- A new phoenix internal name more appropriate, I like your suggestion of phoenix_hero, renaming powerstyle etc maybe for consistency
- Pyro loadscreen quality upgrade from Baconwizard
- Proper 5th and 6th skin with official content or just leave placeholder?

About Venom
Kept OCP 1.3 name for the venom tongue and venom anim, edited the package to refers to them properly, this was done again to avoid incompatibility, it was either changing the package name or changing the rest including boltonanim.xml, but since most of mod used the OCP 1.3 boltonanim.xml, I preferered to not change it. I considered adding a line with the RE tongue anim name, but preferred not in case there is a limit with entries in boltonanim.xml. Another reason is that 17610 will take the skin number of any characters mod using skin numbers from 17607 to 17612.

About cleaning files
I've asked on Discord about removing the fightstyle characters files, Outsider answered that some characters mods use those file sadly, removing them will cause incompatibility, missing files problem. I'm sad about this, but I fear OCP 1.3 files, like effect path, even if not used must be kept. We have to assume sadly that many mods uses OCP unused files.

Leadership talent:

https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,10305.msg190803.html#msg190803, still not definitive answer, but worth checking.

As for thing I plan to do for now
To do list lol, testing, centralizing all reports.
- A new Psylocke, either a straight conversion of XML1 or WII, atm I lean more towards XML1, just because I can't figure out how to make her katana power work. The conversion of Lars is consided, it's an hybrid of Wii and XML. I gotta say one thing about Wii animations, I hate them, no offense to game dev, but they feel lesser quality than XML and MUA, they does not feel smooth (looking at you Green Goblin). I know many like Psylocke triple jump, but it feels wacky to me, melee attack are jittery.
- Mrk direct backport of Gold model, minus Magneto, need to rig the cape of the 80"s model, hopefully nikita can extract it.

Side Note
I thing anything done via skinnerui with keep the same color numbers from the modified .igb, while exporting with 3DS max will allow more color number and thus better quality.
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Last post by Jaybird on September 17, 2020, 06:33pm »
I second the motion to keep the Magneto fix. Even if there's not an official ending, I feel its to big a plot hole to leave. On a side note, I've been watching this closely. I need to do a fresh install on my new pc, and I am waiting on the definitive version of this. I'm available this weekend if there's anything I can do to help. I've done beta testing for various games in the past.
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Last post by ak2yny on September 17, 2020, 04:05pm »
Unfortunately it's too time consuming for me to participate on Discord. I have lots of time, but only little online. That's also the reason why I feel the OCP is too loaded.

Anyway, the loop fix is from this tutorial. Last section:
As mentioned in the other thread, you can find these in the community archive: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/nhw6skl65lj2b,n2dwu8p6cd5rs/shared
Boosters / Re: GHOST RIDER upgrades v1.2 [Hellcycle, etc]
« Last post by BaconWizard17 on September 17, 2020, 01:37pm »
You can find these in the community archive: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/nhw6skl65lj2b,n2dwu8p6cd5rs/shared
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Last post by UltraMegaMagnus on September 17, 2020, 09:35am »
ak2yny, I completely missed your latest post from the previous page, I'll check it out now. Thx for it, this look like great work. if you can please come to Discord, better to coordinate. Some Lars upgrade will be used for sure and new Cyclops, Psylocke, maybe others.

About Venom
Thx for the file, I now notice the error in the package file, I now notice that package for Venom was wrong for a long time(I think it was on purpose to have static tongue in OCP 1.3), boltonanim.xml needs to be updated as well with this naming, I might change 17610 to something else to not clash with character mods using that skin number.
The Venom packaging is very interesting, it might have lead to some problem for modders making booster with package without the file referenced inside.
I'll check the rest later.

For Sabretooth:
Will be using the sound file referenced in conversation file.


Wow, great discovery, thx will be using for sure, this will need to be documented for modders.

For remaining DLC skin:
Will probably add MrK model backport, except Magneto for now, if nikita can extract fbx for Magneto that would be great, so we could have all 4 skin with rigged cape.

How did you fixed loop sound?

Another thing I'd like to discuss, which skin should be default with mannequin?
In current OCP 2.0, my logic was to make the first skin the same as the first appearance in MUA of the characters, first in cutscene, then in game or from loadscreen, if not present using his XML2 latest appearance.
I always thought that the main skin for DLC characters was a bit odd, Nightcrawler appears as Ultimate in game and uses Astonishing as first skin, Hawkeye has different first skin in Gold and PSP.
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Last post by LarsAlexandersson on September 17, 2020, 08:42am »
We should keep Mag saving both NC & Jean. UPDATE: Because MUA2 continuity where Jean’s never turned into Dark Phoenix & X-Men isn’t disbanded is really confusing

I would like to say no for XML2 Cyclops

You should use my latest anim pack provided for MUA-related OCPs (36 & MUA2 (Jean, Psylocke & Gambit))
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Last post by UltraMegaMagnus on September 17, 2020, 06:43am »
I'm writing a TO DO List not exhausitve atm https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/449515176312569856/756151571816906802/Changelog.xlsx, there will be only test version of OCP until it's ready, there is lot of thing to improve. The cleanup of useless file can be done in the end.

I'd like to discuss about some character, I agree with putting the more official version of them, but which one to include, the other could be added in optional file?

For Cyclops, XML2 by Maegawa is already great, I'm wondering if the Gold should be preferred for the sake of putting the MUA version over XML2.

For Psylocke, all conversion of her from the forum are not totally accurate of her XML and MUA2 appearance, still the XML from Blitzz is the closest, besides the added powers with the katana.
Her MUA2 Wii can be added quite easily, but I haven't seen a version which added the katana power, I tried to add it, but failed to make it work, it makes uses of special affecter.

All XML, XML2 conversion, all conversion from Maegawa are already top notch, for the rest, we can improve their conversion by using the melee atk they use by mixing anim and editing their powerstyle, the XML also needs sounds quality upgrade, they sound sometimes like they were recorded in game.

Another thing about Magneto saving Nightcrawler and Jean

This was never official, but what bother me the most is that there is no epilogue telling we saved both, should we keep it?

About HUD
We can remake all hud using in game model by ripping them and making render of them via 3DS max, instead of upscaling, worthy or not for some hud?
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: BLaw's Mods - Updated Models (2019)
« Last post by Danieru on September 17, 2020, 01:26am »
Man! Your cape skins are the best! It is so strange to devs not implement them and you have to do their job :(
But I need some help. I set up your skins (classic emma and her diamond form) for Whiteking mod, but now char can't hit normal and heavy attack, can't use some powers :(
P.S. Nvm, I get it to work through your pictures :P
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