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Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: COHOLLOW'S X-MEN LEGENDS 2 CATALOG
« Last post by Cohollow on March 30, 2020, 03:12pm »
:avalanche:    C'mon let me play the hero already    :avalanche:

Oh look its the character mod I've been sitting on for months. Well I'd say he's done and should be released very soon! I find myself playing with a whole team of new brotherhood characters that i rlly need to get out there.

Thanks for that! I was having trouble with these.

The first post was updated with a Fantastic Four loading screen I made as requested by Master Reaver on Discord.
Hey, nice! Now I feel bad for missing a few months of modding here!

Here's an updated .PSD with the villain background so you can keep doing these!
Thank you for the update, Outsider. I know it will be worth the wait :)

Be safe and take care of yourself!
The following mods and boosters have been updated.

Black Knight: Now has updated skins and animated Strider models by Julio Cabral, plus some power fixes.
:cable: Cable: Now has Anderson's X-Men (MUA2 Alternate) skin, as that one was previously missing.
Clea: Fixed up clashing issues with the Clea NPC. Read the "Special Note" inside.
:juggernaut: Juggernaut: Now features some of Anderson's newest skins.
M. Bison: Now features some of Anderson's newest skins, but hex-edited properly as 145, not 147.
:marvelg: Marvel Girl: Has been upgraded to a full mod, adding some things. Admins & moderators, please note that boreman's original Marvel Girl mod caused game clashing problems with both Jean Grey and the AIM Reaver, and has been recalled & erased.
Spawn: Added new skin and animated cape by Julio Cabral.
:tmaster: Taskmaster: Now features some of Anderson's newest skins and boltons.

These are important updates, so don't forget to download them. :moonstar: Danielle Moonstar has an update scheduled, but I must wait for Anderson to re-convert his Valkyrior skin due to a jumping error.

In addition to these important updates above, the following have been updated:

:laugh: Arcade: Fixed up clashing issues with the Arcade NPC. Read the "Special Note" inside.
:blade: Blade: Added Anderson's newest skins & iammingy's stuff so you only need mine (trying to eliminate the whole multiple booster thing.)
:ghostr: Ghost Rider: Increased the effect size of his Xtreme so that it's even scarier.
Spawn: There was a problem with the animated cape. It's been fixed now.

I have also sent Canino some fixes for his mod of Robbie Reyes, including new sound files voiced by Gabriel Luna! Be on the lookout for that.

As for my current project -- the final secret mod, the reason it's taking longer than usual is because I have to do research, and I have to create at least one skin of the character. (Skin creating takes longer for me than modding.) But I am committed to getting this one done. After that, I will move to Mortal Kombat. I know it's been a long wait, what with my moving to my new apartment and all this COVID-19 stuff going on, but please be patient -- it's all coming.

Very nice work, Outsider! :)

Iím eagerly awaiting whatís coming next!

I know it's been quite a wait, but it'll be worth it.

Boosters / Hank Pym mini-booster
« Last post by Enchlore on March 28, 2020, 05:53pm »
This is a mini-booster for Outsider's Hank Pym mod (which means you need to have it downloaded and installed before getting this). All I did, really, was add some powers from his Ant-Man mod, to represent that part of Pym's history (and also because I wanted to get another character in my roster and blending Hank's and Scott's movesets helped me feel better about replacing Ant-Man).

Changes from the original mod:
- Robotic Orb has been replaced with Bullet Ants.
- Ant Swarm was added to Hank's powers.
- Hank now shrinks when flying.

The only known issue is that the transparency on his banner (in the character select screen) doesn't work. I wasn't able to fix that :S

Some quick Daredevil recolors were added to the HUD head folder.

Red works for classic, Marvel Knights, Secret Wars and other skins.
Yellow works for the yellow costume.
Black works for armored, modern and other skins.

Credits to James Yusufi for making the original (which had white eyes) - I just recolored it.
This Doom booster is amazing!   :doom:

Everyone, please download Spawn cape again, I've updated it to fix the texture and animation.
Credits to MrKablamm0fish and UltraMegaMagnus.
This Doom booster is amazing!   :doom:
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