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Misc. Modifications / Re: Enigma's Boosters and Sound Mods
« Last post by Enigma on December 02, 2021, 09:41pm »
Updated Emma Frost Booster to v1.1 (minor installation folder fix) and Omega Red Booster to v3.0 (major update)
Misc. Modifications / Re: Enigma's Boosters and Sound Mods
« Last post by Enigma on December 02, 2021, 02:06pm »
Emma Frost Booster v1.1:

**This is a booster I made for Whiteking's Emma Frost mod. It contains the following:

*Finally gives Whiteking's Emma Frost mod a voice file, which contains Emma's XML1 voices and grunts sounds plus her XML2 npc voices and grunts sounds and new lines created from editing clips out of her NPC lines in both XML games, meaning she has a substantially expanded voiceset versus XML1:

-Since her "I See You" and "Victory" lines were already at the maxmimum limit, I removed 1 XML1 I See You line that I found cringy ("Prepare to lose") to accomodate 1 of her XML2 I See You lines. (Her 2nd XML2 I See You line is just a different line reading of a XML1 I See You line and I liked the XML1 version better so I kept that one. And her 3rd I See You line I felt was a bad line and a bad line reading "This is gonna hurt you a lot." plus the rest of the XML1 ones were better so I left that one out as well.)
-For her Victory lines, I swapped one over to Taunt Knockdown as I felt it worked better there ("Try harder next time dear.") and removed 2 that I felt the line readings were bad ("Mmm, so sorry" and "You really weren't that tough.") so I could replace them with much better XML2 Victory lines.
-She also has 2 new Sight lines, 3 new Taunt Knockdown lines, and 1 new Epitaph lines from her XML2 voiceset.
-She also has the following that I edited from her XML1 and XMl2 NPC lines: 4 more Respaffirms, 3 more Bored lines, 1 more No Work line, and 1 more Sight lines.
-She also has an Xtreme callout for her 2nd Xtreme, Hail to the Queen.

*Her grunts are a combination of all her XML1 grunts and all her XML2 grunts.

*Her power sounds were completely redone and are a combination of her XML1 power sounds (power 1, power 3, 1st Xtreme Psychic Bedlam), 1 of the power sounds from Whiteking's mod (2nd Xtreme Hail to the Queen), and some of her Marvel Heroes power sounds (everything else).

*Also included is the X-Men Legends II Ultimate Patch version of her powerstyle, which switches her diamond form skin over to 9010.

-I also made changes to this to accomodate her changed power sounds and so that every power sound could have its own unique sound.

-I also fixed her broken Psionic Overload power. This was supposed to be a "hold down the button" power but the coding for this was broken and so the power continues whether you hold the button or not. Not holding it means the power would end on its own eventually in an awkward way and doesn't end properly. The "power sound" would play for a while then cut off abruptly and the "power end" sound would also never play. I have fixed all of this so that it is a proper working hold power, that when you let go of the button, Emma's power end animation plays correctly, the "power sound" ends properly, and the "power end" sound plays properly. (Thanks to ak2ny for advice on how to make the power end more quickly once I'd gotten the end part to actually work.)

-Originally, Whiteking coded her Astral Beam power to play a taunt when she defeats an enemy. My guess is Whiteking did this due to custom voicepacks not being a thing back in the earlier days of XML2 modding. As my voicepack means the Victory voice lines play when she defeats an enemy, I have removed this redundant aspect.

*I also corrected spelling and grammar mistakes in her power descriptions, as well as rewrote some descriptions to be more clear. I also renamed her Astral Beam power to Astral Projection, along with rewriting the description to fit better with what it felt like Whiteking was going for, which was a power from the cartoon Wolverine and the X-Men, where she uses a power like this to astral project.

*A new character select portrait, which I made using the same high quality unletterboxed source as her XML1 loading screen

*Also included are all-new packs for her skins. These now allow for custom conversation huds and custom 3d hud heads for each skin (for use with BaconWizard17's skins).

*The new herostat is just a personal peferrence of mine: I reordered the skins so that skin 01 is the default skin (which is also her NPC skin) and that the skins are in numerical order in the herostat.


*Bonus 1 - 2 new loading screens I made from high quality unletterboxed sources: her XML1 loading screen and an unused uncensored version of her XML1 loading screen.
-These are a bonus because they are pretty similar and you might not want to use both of them. I've included pictures of them, so pick which you like and rename it to 9001. If you want to use the other one too, then rename it to 9002.
-Add the following line to your review_paths (if it isn't there already) and add another for the second one if you're using it too:

   item {
   name = Emma Frost ;
   type = load ;
   value = textures/loading/9001 ;

*Bonus 2 - A version of her XML1/XML2 conversation hud I made using a version of the image from the XML1 Prototype that's higher quality than the version used in the XML1 retail version. (It's at a resolution of 128x128 vs the version used in XML1 retail and XML2 where it's 64x64)
-This is in the bonus folder in case you're using BaconWizard17's skins and huds and such, so this is here if you want to use it and so that you can decide which number you want to assign this to.

*Note about x_voice: this seems to be compatible with the 2020 update version of x_voice (which provides Emma's announcer callout and menu breaks) but if this mod doesn't work, try without the x_voice update and let me know.

Installation Instructions:
Install the latest version of Whiteking's Emma Frost mod
Delete emmaf_m.zsm file in X-Men Legends II/Sounds/e/m
Delete 9001.igb and 9002.igb files from X-Men Legends II/Textures/loading
Install my booster.
Pick which loading screen you want.
Install the XML1 Prototype Conversation Hud if you want to. Change the "X" in the file name to whatever number skin you want.

Whiteking = Emma Frost mod
BaconWizard17 = X-Men Legends II Ultimate Patch updated powerstyle
ak2ny = advice on making Psionic Overload end more quickly.
Bonus Official Loading Screens v5.0:

***v5.0 Changes:

*Added: Unused XML2 Sanctuary Alternate, MUA1 Iron Man,

*Replaced BaconWizard version with OCP version: MUA1 PSP-Wii Wolverine Leather Jacket (I have also edited this a small bit to remove Wolverine's ear from the portrait on the left side that I cropped out. I've included both versions in the Images I Used folder),

*Replaced XML1 Emma Frost with a better quality version with better colors from the artist's website

*Remastered the PSP XMB Title Screen loading screens by using my AI upscaled Cable image as well as higher quality company logos.

*Improved cropping on: Unused XML1 Avalanche and Pyro, XML1 Jean Grey, XML2 Stryfe

*Added the following XML Promo Art: XML1 Cover Art, XML1 Promo Cyclops and Wolverine, XML1 Promo Cyclops and Wolverine, XML1 Promo Sentinel Fight, XML2 Cover Art, XML2 Promo Magneto and Wolverine 1,  XML2 Promo Magneto and Wolverine 2, XML2 Promo Storm and Bishop

*Added some more custom loading screens featuring art by Peter Nguyen: Custom Cannonball X-Force, Custom Cyclops Classic, Custom Shatterstar, Custom Siryn, Custom Sunspot X-Force, Custom Thunderbird, Custom Warpath,

*I had accidentially named a loading screen "XML2 Military Base" instead of the correct name of "XML2 Prison Outpost." So that's fixed now.

*Added a "How to Install" document.

*Console-Only Cutscene moved to a separate download in my "Enigma's Mini-Mods" thread.

*Production Materials Archive is now a separate download due to its large size.
Misc. Modifications / Re: Enigma's Mini-Mods
« Last post by Enigma on December 02, 2021, 01:43pm »
Console-Only Cutscene


This restores the Ultimate Spider-Man Trailer cutscene, which was removed from the PC version of XML2 (which is weird because Ultimate Spider-Man did come out on the PC).

This is the GC version of this cutscene. The PS2 version doesn't work with the PC version. I didn't check the Xbox or PSP versions.

Put the cutscene in this folder: X-Men Legends II\Movies\ntsc\eng\i\1

Remove the following line from the Ultimate Spider-Man entry in the review_paths file so that it'll show up in the Movies menu:

"platform = xbox,ps2,gc,psp ;"

This means that entry in review_paths should look like the following:

   item {
   duration = 91.56 ;
   name = Ultimate Spider-Man Promo ;
   type = cin ;
   unlocked = true ;
   value = i108 ;

Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Ceamonks890's Character Mods
« Last post by Ceamonks890 on December 02, 2021, 02:32am »
Dorpond, I think you misunderstood my last post.

I DON'T take character mod requests and even if I did (were the proper skins converted over), the Anti-Monitor is at the very bottom of my list (as I have NO interest in him as a character period and would work on literally anyone else if given the option). I'm not a skinner either, so your hopes for seeing him made by me are very misplaced.

Also, what on earth brought you to the conclusion that I'd make a New Year's gift mod? I make mods because there are plenty of characters I want to personally see playable at my own pace and rarely deviate from this creative direction as such.

Feel free to make the Anti-Monitor yourself once you've gotten back into modding proper Dorpond (as you'd be more likely to do him justice as a playable character than I ever could, considering you're actually a fan of him).

Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Ceamonks890's Character Mods
« Last post by Dorpond on December 02, 2021, 12:16am »
Ok thanks.
I just expected to see something like a New Year's gift from you in the form of an Anti-Monitor mod, but I completely forgot what the forum was never converted his model from the DCUO to Mua.
But I have 4 ideas for 4 skins, maybe they will be useful for you when you will want to make a mod of it,anyways here are they

Classic (DCUO)

Black lantern

Yellow lantern

Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Ceamonks890's Character Mods
« Last post by Ceamonks890 on December 01, 2021, 04:24pm »
Looks cool,i will test it when i can.
Want to see more DC mods from you, I would especially like to see the Anti-Monitor mod (do you remember the New Year event at the DCUO with Anti-Monitor :santa1:? It was awesome, isn't? of course if you played or still playing this game)

Never played DC Universe Online (as I'm not an MMO guy), so I have no idea what you're referring to. Would need to have a character model converted over into an MUA skin, before any sort of mod like the Anti-Monitor would get made. And even then, there's tons of other characters (both from Marvel and non-Marvel IPs unrelated to DC Comics), that I'd want to tackle over him.

I'm also more of a Marvel guy than DC and as such, don't have as strong a passion for the latter as I do the former (so don't expect me to tackle DC characters very often). When you all see a character mod of a DC hero or villain from me, that's going to be largely down to how interesting they are to me personally from a backstory and gameplay sense.
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Amit's Skins: MFF Model Convertion to MUA
« Last post by amitam2 on December 01, 2021, 04:18pm »
Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange & Spider-Man skins were added to the topic.
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Ceamonks890's Character Mods
« Last post by Dorpond on December 01, 2021, 10:31am »
Looks cool,i will test it when i can.
Want to see more DC mods from you, I would especially like to see the Anti-Monitor mod (do you remember the New Year event at the DCUO with Anti-Monitor :santa1:? It was awesome, isn't? of course if you played or still playing this game)
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Mortal Kombat - Release Katalog
« Last post by Outsider on December 01, 2021, 08:55am »
I'm hoping for Erron Black fingers . Tanya is amazing high quality work as always.

Much appreciated. I'm a big Mortal Kombat fan, so I want to make sure the entire roster is as good (and accurate) as can be.

Awesome work, Outsider! I love the idea of so much blood in an MUA mod!

Excited for the last kombatant!

I know, right? For Mortal Kombat warriors, you'd expect a lot of blood. We couldn't add a blood mode to the game though, since a lot of MUA's enemies are robots or androids.

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