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Oh my god, yes!!! I've been wanting this mod for forever!!! Thank you so much, Outsider!!!

Kraven The Hunter will always have a special place in my heart. He may be a villain, but his sense of honor and tortured soul can't help but win me over to at least feeling bad for him. I remember how electrifying it was to read Kraven's Last Hunt for the first time; no matter how many times I revisit and reread it, it never gets old. I hope it gets adapted into a movie someday like some people have been saying; I think it could be something very much in the vein of 2019's Joker movie, and possibly the first R-rated Spider-Man movie.
Mod Releases and Conversions / The Outsider's Crypt - Kraven The Hunter
« Last post by Outsider on October 18, 2020, 09:40pm »

Oh boy, :spiderman: Spider-Man is not going to like this at all! Introducing my mod of Sergei Kravinoff, the expert tracker known famously as Kraven The Hunter. I've tried to give him powers and skills fitting for a hunter, giving him jungle-like traps, and even going so far as never using the term "enemies," and instead using the term "prey." You'll have fun playing as him, and now you can complete the original Sinister Six. Happy hunting!

-5 powers, 2 boosts, and an Xtreme.
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons, mannequin, and sound/voice file.
-Uses assigned number #185 (Shares with Pixie. Will clash in mannequin).

3 more skins and HUDs.

One of his boosts uses a 15-second snippet of "It's A Jungle" from Killer Instinct's 1995 Killer Cuts. I take no credit for this track.

1. Knife Throw: Kraven hurls sharp throwing knives at his prey.
2. Net Capture: Victim gets caught in a booby trap that Kraven set up, lowering defense.
3. Spear Slam: Slams his spear to the ground in a radial attack.
4. Big Game Rifle: Shoots from his rifle with a chance at critical damage.
5. Laser Tripwire: Sets up a dangerous laser trap that electrifies prey who walks through it.
6. (Boost) On The Hunt: Enhances his speed, strength, & tracking to sense his prey on the mini-map. Gains Might.
7. (Boost) Potion of Calypso: Heals himself for a time.
8. (Xtreme) Hunter's Trophy: Shoots at prey from his rifle with special bullets containing lethal poison.

Outsider - Mod creation & coding, HUD, icons, loading screen, effects, sounds, hex-editing, etc.
Andersonbrazil - Skin
UltraMegaMagnus - Mannequin
Mellomods - Bowie knife boltons

None so far.

GET IT HERE: https://www.mediafire.com/?rouhhqrdfsqbpvj

:phoenix:Parabéns a todos os modders que realizaram esse trabalho incrível!! Outsider, eu sou seu fã <3

I used Google to translate that:
"Congratulations to all modders who have done this incredible job !! Outsider, I'm your fan <3"

Much appreciated. Everyone here worked hard on this, and I am glad of the result.

Boosters / Re: Enchlore's boosters: Spider-Man, Hank Pym, Squirrel Girl
« Last post by Enchlore on October 17, 2020, 02:30pm »
Everyone please redownload the Squirrel Girl booster. It was missing some important files and should work properly now.
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Last post by ak2yny on October 16, 2020, 03:16pm »
Thank you again for all your work, and putting it together.

About Phoenix name: Use NPC name change and original phoenix name for playable (from XML2 pack). I'm a little nervous about it, because I already found and fixed multiple bugs with the NPC name change, despite being very thorough with it. For test releases it will be fine though. If you want to stay safe, use the original (OCP 2.0) NPC name and phoenix_hero name for playable Jean. Using both (NPC and playable) changes doesn't make sense.
I think for several changes, we will have to give it time to be properly tested.

X-Man and Jubilee bugs:
X-Man's third power got an update: Now the effect is shown on both hands. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be on only one hand, because in the comics he is often onesided too.

I still decided to make the little mod, because the animation is symmetrical, and it can easily be left out.
Jubilee's bug is more because of an effect overload actually. On high levels she has a lot of effects going on when using a variety of her powers. I removed screenflash from fireworks effects and it already improved a lot, and you won't even notice if you don't know about it.
Note: The filename ("...fix") is a bit misleading. There wasn't really anything to fix for these two.


I put together a list, mainly for leftover files or just wrong files that mostly have been reported before, but I list them, so we don't forget about them:

I want to bring it up again, because I believe the models/actors/igb's for 5th and 6th skins should not be included.
 Default herostat would feature only 4 skins. The full "herostat list.xml" would have all heroes and all skins (including 5th and 6th).
 If this course (keeping 5th and 6th skins) is going to be followed, the additional skins and HUDs preferably will have to be named in herostat.
 I believe that the OCP should also act for the addon/patch people are looking for to bring the console exclusives to PC, without much additional noticeable clutter.

Mr Fantastic 2006 in current OCP 2.1 is still Dark version duplicate.

Psylocke 3009 is a duplicate of 3006. 3002 to 3004 + 3006 to 3009 are seven skins. That's one too many isn't it?
 3001 package is still used (as placeholder?) altough it shuldn't, because Dark Psylocke uses it for her HUD.
  Note: I included 3001 in the package with improved Dark Psylocke, because it's the same model, only a different texture.
            The number was picked randomly.
            I think that her herostat could use skin 3001 and the package for it use hud_head_3005. (Using skins 01-04 + 06-07)

Emma Frost 19812 is an unused skin without diamond form or packages.

Cable 21007-21009 are beyond 5th and 6th skins.

Black Widow is the only one who has a fightstyle_blackwidow and fightstyle_for_blackwidow. It's from OCP1, so it might be dangerous to remove. It just caught my eye and I thought I'll let you know.
Btw. fightstyle_for_blackwidow.igb is a copy of 11_black_panther_4_combat.igb (probably leftover of an early version Black Widow). Many fightstyles are copies of the combat animation set of the same character, but some are actually unique sets.

Cyclops' fightstyle isn't used (like all others), but it went missing. The xmlb is still around (so is the package), but the igb from OCP1 should be included again (just in case).

There are still conversation files that have the same date (from 2006) as the vanilla files. In sim and sims folders only. These are easily found and removed.
 Here is a package with the complete conversation folder to replace the current one. I only deleted the vanilla files and fixed the wrong location for Ymir-Doom conv (see below).
 You can now delete the conversation folder prepared for OCP and copy the one from this archive.

conversations/act3/niffleheim2/3_niffleheim2_042_dlc.engb is in the wrong folder. Both, package and script (ymir_intro.py) refer to the correct folder: conversations/act3/niffleheim/niffleheim2/3_niffleheim2_042_DLC. This is the Ymir-Doom special conversation. This correction (moved conversation) is included in the above conversation archive.
Sidenote1: packages\generated\maps\act3\niffleheim\niffleheim2.pkgb reverts from OCP1 version to vanilla version. Can be removed.
Sidenote2: packages\generated\maps\act3\niffleheim\niffleheim4b.pkgb includes an unknown conversation (at least to me) "conversations/act3/niffleheim/niffleheim4/3_niffleheim4_060_fl", which is not included in current OCP 2.1 package.

Here is the same conversation archive as above with these six corrections:
1) conversations\act2\mephisto\mephisto4\2_mephisto4_020.engb (This is Dr. Strange's special conversation with Mephisto) currently is missing the chosenscriptfile that the default conversation has. The monsters are not spawning.
Sidenote: When I revisit this area with xtraction, no conversation triggers (Mephisto was killed already), so no monster spawns and there's no way to exit the area, because the exit portal in the crack blows me back if I don't kill a certain amount of monsters. The missing script in the special conversation is an obvious bug to be corrected, but what are the thoughts of the issue of revisiting?
2) conversations\act2\mephisto\mephisto4\2_mephisto4_029.engb currently suggests that Nightcrawler is actually an American who happens to know a little German: "It is of no use, mein freunds...". The plural of the German word "Freund" is "Freunde". So the sentence would be: "It is of no use, meine Freunde...". I uploaded a corrected conversation file earlier (together with the mod that enables Magneto to save Nightcrawler when he opens Jean's cage). I know, the OCP1 creators might not have had a German native speaker among them, and that's totally okay.
3) conversations\act2\murder\murder3\2_murder3_012.engb currently has bug with handling one of Mr. Fantastic's lines so one voice line will not play.
4) conversations\act4\skrull\skrull3\4_skrull3_022.engb is currently missing Nick Fury headers for his lines.
5) conversations\act5\doom\doom1\5_doom1_042.engb is currently missing Hulk and Doom headers for their lines.4
6) conversations\act5\doomstark\5_doomstark1b_050.engb currently has the typo "dampner" (correctly spelled "dampener").

I have posted considerably on Discord about reports from Cyborg Sun that NPC's still talk about going to the latest mission in an act after we come back. In favor of stability we should leave them all as they are.

Enchantress & Executioner loadscreen is still missing in zoneinfo.engb.

Hulk powerstyle currently has a bug because of power4 loop sound. Please use one of the latest uploads for a fix (see descriptions for them, basically loop fix and closer to OCP1 again for xtreme sounds + choice for 8th boost sound).

Toad has a fightstyle_toad.xmlb (using his combat igb) in data\fightstyles. If I read the changelog correctly, the need for his fightstyle has been removed? His herostat uses fightstyle_default, so I'm guessing this file could be removed.
Toad has also still two talents/internal names. Menu callout currently doesn't work for him, because "herostat list.xml" uses toad and x_voice toad_hero.
 Wouldn't he better be changed back to toad_hero? (in talents, packages, herostat, unlock)

OCP2 currently includes the RE version of moveset_flying.xmlb. I compared it, and it's identical to MUA 2006 version. I thoght I'd let you know.

There's an empty folder: effects\base\powerup

Cap hud_head_0701, Maegawa fix (withot the wings) is not included?

Colossus hud_head_7801 and hud_head_7802 are, like the skins/actors were, still in the same order as vanilla. Can also be removed.

Red Hulk hud_head_17805 is probably leftover or something.

Following HUD's are no improvement over the vanilla HUDs quality wise, and still are the exact same portrait:
The game doesn't make use of the better quality of these, but the vanilla HUD's outlines match the others nicer.

Hulk's HUDs differ with the outline from most other playable HUDs (no offense). I suggest to use the ones Maegawa provided in his DLC pack (they're still in the wrong order though).

maps\act1\stark\stark2.engb does not remove the Lizard comic disc completely. The vanilla version already has it removed perfectly. This is the only change in this file, so it can be safely removed.
 Other incomplete comic disk removals that can be resolved by removing from OCP 2.1 package:

Psylocke models are still in both models\bolton and models\effects (the same things).
 Current ps uses models\bolton\psylocke_blade_03 and models\bolton\psishield only.
 BliZZ version uses effects/psylocke_bolt and all bolton models (except psishield).
 This makes following models redundant:
 A little research shows that BliZZ started this duplicate models thing, but all mods use bolton models.
 models\weapons\katana_right + left are both reskins of the bolton katanas. They're not in BliZZ's mod. Maybe from a booster.
  They're unused by the original and OCP Psylocke mods anyway, no need to keep them, I think.
 effects\char\psylocke\p5_power.xmlb uses models/effects/char/psylocke/psylocke_butterfly.igb, which is missing. Maybe it's a leftover in the xmlb?
  The file that got removed since OCP 2.0 was called psionicbutterfly.igb, and was the wrong file.

Cable has a few too many packages too. I think these can be kept.

These packages are unused (according to Outsider) and are also identical to the primary package of each character:
packages\generated\characters\Venom_fightstyles.pkgb is unused too, but it does differ from the primary package.

Professor X has the NPC to playable packages (professorx_3901.pkgb + nc), but he's the only one...

Psylocke packages are still one too many (psylocke_hero_3009.pkgb + nc), but as with Cable, these can be kept, I think.

packages\generated\fightstyles are probably unused (according to Outsider), but OCP currently includes all packages for all fightstyles, except fightstyle_hulk_carryguy.pkgb. So here it is from RE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/t4xmcmq09x94xw0/Hulk_carryguy_package.rar/file

Currently unlocks from start are still in scripts\menus\new_game.py and scripts\act1\heli\heli1\heli1.py. My suggestion is to have the unlocks in new_game. This way they're unlocked silently and no defaultman message is shown, if a hero is missing in the roster. Instead of removing unlocks from heli1.py, you can just remove heli1.py altogether. The unlocks are the only change in this file.
All character unlocks I suggested are currently included. I think most players are in favor of it and it can be kept. I removed the SIM unlock from Black Widow's unlock, because the SIM is not included in the current OCP 2.1 main version, and it is does sound strange that we pick up a disc there. http://www.mediafire.com/file/b2x9msy2s9d6es5/nick_leaves.PY/file (put it in scripts\act3\valhalla)
I will make an alternative package - as it was suggested to me - for various things (like Cap's shield), where I will also make an alternative SIM package with all the official PSP and OCP SIM's and proper disk placement, hopefully replacing Widow's SIM unlock with a disk placement.

There's an empty, leftover folder sounds\eng\m\g.
There's still two files in sounds\eng\n\i, called ntcrwl... These are not working, I think, because they're in the wrong folder. I also believe the internal sound name is night..., so the two files can be removed.
There's still a file called sabrth_m.zsm in sounds\eng\s\a. This folder ("a") can be removed, because the pcsab internal name is used for sabretooth. I believe this is from the pickup pack I provided. This file was included as a backup of sorts. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Somehow textures\nextgen\distort_sabrering.igb got renamed to distort_clawring.igb. Sabretooth's effects need it to be named sabrering.

ui\menus\main_beenox.engb is still in the pack, even though it's actually the same file (identical code and file date) as the vanilla version.

I take it, you want to stay with the new look (colorful legal loading, different logo on main menu)?

Future updates for mannequins
 Floating mannequins to animate:
  0401 Storm
  1601 Dr. Strange
  1901 Dr. Doom
  12301 Jean Grey
  21701 Sunfire
 Nightcrawler mannequin could use an upgrade on the swords.
Cable has two mannequins. I could see that 21002 would be used, because it does stand out less from the other XML characters.

I'm not sure if I wrote about this before, but I would appreciate the original talent cost system for optional stuff.
 I volunteer to make this, if you don't have it ready somewhere. But I will wait until we have the final version for talents.

About Black Widow sounds: After this release, I finally cought up on what was wrong. I used the non-pickup version of her sounds file, whick was fine, while the pickup version was broken. I fixed the pickup version in this new pack:
Note: I included a talents file, because it differs from Outsider's version (staying closer to the original OCP version). But the costs are all still original, no 1 point cost system. I think I let you do it, because you know better how to.
Your MUA download for Cyclops' Astonishing X-Men costume doesn't have any files in it.

EDIT: BaconWizard has fixed it.

Thank you for catching that!

I've added 4 new Cyclops skins: Heroic Age, Marvel NOW!, House of X, and House of X (Unmasked):

4 more skins are up! They are: Age of Apocalypse, Astonishing (Dark), Astral Gladiator, and House of X (Dark)

4 more Cyclops skins have been added! Ultimate Alliance 3, Ultimate XML1, Ultimate XML1 (Civilian), and Ultimate XML2

I've uploaded 4 more Cyclops skins: Ultimate XML2 (Civilian), Ultimate XML2 (Dark), Winter, and X-Treme Gear. These are the last Cyclops skins I'll be doing for a while, but I may come back to him at some point in the future. My current plan is to work on Bishop next!

Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Canino's mods
« Last post by Canino on October 16, 2020, 04:35am »
Guys! Iron Fist just got an update! Check first post for download.
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Last post by UltraMegaMagnus on October 16, 2020, 03:33am »
I prepared OCP 2.1 for testing purpose with most of your change I tested or whatever it will be called to show it's an update (need fresh install to undo change made by deleted files from the archive):

Thx for huge list of fixes, will be included.
Atm I think took every fix made from you, except Venom, Hulk, Black Widow, Deadpool, Bishop, movies tweaks (I just need to test them) and some RE improvement, upscale.

For X_voice
Thx for it, "This x_voice only includes all official sounds and voices (vanilla and OCP2)" will be used, for non official, we can use the following thread: https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,4589.0.html, but maintaining a x_voice with all characters mods is really tedious, very time consuming

Whatever happened to Fury comic review?
I've updated the file, the Fury comic review is there, it should now be OK it's OCP 2.1 link above

About Jean Grey Playable
Which playable internal name should we use now that NPC Jean ix fixed thx to you ?
:phoenix:Parabéns a todos os modders que realizaram esse trabalho incrível!! Outsider, eu sou seu fã <3
Everyone, in addition to the release of Diamondback above, the following has been updated:

Secret Mod 5:
Updated conversation file. Before you download it though, go to your game's "scripts" folder and delete the "conv" folder, as that was an error that has been corrected.

And for those of you who use the default 27 (meaning that you don't use either of the Roster Hacks), the MK on MUA Content & all three Team Stage Collections have been updated, as there was a problem with the team stage's lighting. It has been corrected. In the latter, I have also replaced the images from PNG to JPG so that they are smaller in KB and easier to view.

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