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Samus v1.0 MOD by Aventureiromax for Marvel Ultimate Alliance (2006) on PC.


1-If you have RED SKULL MOD installed the mannequin will be replaced.


- All skins, mannequin, icons, sounds, loading screen and coding.

Enjoy ;)

Thanks to all who share their sounds, skins, loading screen, icons and any other TUTORIALS as it helps the forum a lot.

Boosters / Re: Deadpool Uncanny Booster (Cohollow)
« Last post by BaconWizard17 on October 16, 2019, 05:53am »
I absolutely love the power descriptions
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Cohollows Sneak Peeks
« Last post by Cohollow on October 16, 2019, 04:04am »
:storm: Great progress thus far :storm:

Big improvements on this one!

 - Tornadoes no longer fizzle away
 - chain lightning is far more effective with more reasonable damage, EP cost and full target control
 - Xtreme does damage in 2 stages. one wind and one lightning
 - Improved effects
 - and a whole lot more :storm:
Great mod! I love Top Cow stuff, especially The Darkness and Freshmen :)
Misc. Modifications / Re: Textures Pack for MUA/XML2 for modders
« Last post by jayglass on October 15, 2019, 09:26am »
Is this console compatible?
Misc. Modifications / Textures Pack for MUA/XML2 for modders
« Last post by UltraMegaMagnus on October 15, 2019, 08:46am »
Converted some textures effect from Marvel Future Fight, Contest of Champion in PNG8 128X128 to be compatible for MUA and XML2 PC.
I did not tested any of this lmao, but they should work.
Pack 1
Pack 2

Rules of Modding (READ IT) :

I claim zero ownership over models/asset from games I mod and take them down by request if wanted by the owners.
This content should be considered as free fan-arts and is not made to earn money from it.

Feel free to edit, share everything, no need to ask my permission, I own nothing here, all the work comes from original games maker, support original game makers and this community if you wish.

Credits & thx to original author, game tools, Netmarble, Kabam, Fortnite, Gazillion, Marvel, Activision, Dark_Mark, Norrin Radd, 3D Ripper DX, Deepshadow, KittyinHiding, nodoub_jr, Teancum, Kaiserraiser, Highmoon Studios, Namco Bandai Games, Eighting, Space Ape, DC Unchained, Transformers Forged to Fight, FourThirtyThree Inc., Habro, ShaunsArtHouse, Xentax, Acewell, Metalscourge18ZX, Sticklove, Blaze, Vicarious Vision, Gameloft, DEVAINTCATEXE, silverhikari , Square Enix, RyuAensland, Spider-Man Unlimited, Digimon Links, Warners Brothers, Bandai, Digmon Links, Foxnext, SNK, DC Entertainment, datkofguy, Ecelon, NetherRealms, Capcom, Xelandis, Hallow, KittyInHiding, Seven, Queboon, Pitermaksimoff, Kaito-Overlord, LarsMaster, LarsKusanagi, arisumatio, KingAdam, Blacthulhu, Nikita488, AdrianoAP, Maegawa, Aventureimax, Julio Cabral, AlexBond, Xelandis, Nickjustint, daemon1, AdrianoAP, Milo, Gildor, CaiqueWebSlinger, Revknight, LarsAlexdanrson, Tony Stark, Outsider, Krisan Thyme, Andersonbrasil, TQB, BaconWizard, KylieStylish, Insomniac Games, LorisCangini & amazing people who shared asset, tutorials, modders and everyone I forgot.
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Cohollows Sneak Peeks
« Last post by Cohollow on October 14, 2019, 08:59pm »

All issues with my old booster have been fixed! Easy to use and dope to play. I'll leave his old booster up for a bit if anyone wants it, but its just a lame version of this one. Better balance and better control. New effects and much more satisfying sounds.,

it's been a long while since my last release so I hope you get loads of fun outta this guy. It's a gift to everyone for my birthday :D
Boosters / Deadpool Uncanny Booster (Cohollow)
« Last post by Cohollow on October 14, 2019, 08:52pm »
:deadpool: Deadpool :deadpool:

Everyone calm down, I have arrived! Finally as awesome as i always shoulda' been, I can wreck the field with charm, and grace. Better control over my sword and a flashy teleport attack help me with big boy crowd control! Time to take it to Apocaloser with me, Deadpool, and my pretty new explosives. I don't need teammates. Lose the X-dorks and just use me!   

Add this file to the data folder to balance the skill count of shared skills like mutant master, and to add the striker passive that i will be adding to some characters!
Shared Talents:



Slice N' Dice(Rupturing Jab) Chicken fried rice.
Changes - Faster execution
             -  Attack can be guided by the player
             - Increased travel distance
             - Increased accuracy

Bullet Delivery(Dual Shot) BLAM BLAM! No refunds.
Changes - Faster draw and holster speed
             - Faster and more accurate control
             - Slight knockback

Tele-kick Float like a Nightcrawler, sting like a Wolverine. Spam this power, and juggle some bad guys.
Changes - New Ability

Stinging Roundhouse(Butterfly Kick) A Swayze roundhouse, but with swords.
Changes - Does two strikes
             - Has radial knockback and trip
             - Can be guided by the player

Whirly Blades(Blade Cyclone) Where he stops, nobody knows. (press and hold)
Changes - Increased draw and sheathe speed

Here Comes the Boom BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM I wanna go BOOM BOOM!
Changes - New Ability


NITROGEN BLAST An xtreme chill pill for excited fans.
Changes - More accurate area of effect
             - More reliable freeze


Curse Of Life My incredible skill and healing factor will forever keep Death and I apart. (increased health regeneration and dodge chance)
Changes - New Ability

Wisecrack Sometimes it feels like I'm not in control of my actions.
Changes - Greatly reduce EP cost


Teleport He's here, He's there, he's everywhere. Increases to allow bringing friends.
Changes - far less points required to increase distance

Weapons Mastery Better swords, and bullets? Sign me up.
Changes - (Bug Fix) Applies proper damage increase to guns and swords

Sneaky-pool A true master of stealth wears bright red. (increased ATK and DEF)
Changes - New Ability

Erratic Regeneration(Regeneration) Like wolverine, but cooler.
Changes - None

Critical Strike Increased critical hit chance with basic combo attacks.

Mutant Master Increases EP regeneration Rate.

Other Features

 - Many minor changes to abilities that are not listed such as damage, EP cost, added sounds, improved effects, etc
 - Deadpool is now recognized as a member of the X-MEN
 - Deadpool is single and enjoys long walks on the beach :deadpool:

Big thanks to many community members for continued assistance and support!
1) I doubt the program being in the x86 folder was the problem.  MUA is a 32-bit program, so that is where it belongs.

2) I have also had my antivirus detect openheroselect.exe as a virus. 
@Tony Stark - Do you know why this is the case?

Unfortunately no clue. It may be the way the Python to EXE compiler packages it. My own antivirus had no issues with it.
Misc. Modifications / Re: The elusive M voice pack!!!!!
« Last post by Jonnydragon88 on October 14, 2019, 09:32am »
I’m bout update this voicepack’s whole career… but I’m not a rapper. Keep you’re eye out today or tomorrow.

It happened. If you like your current one DON’T click. But if you want some new content, like very new not even a week old content, then by all means, treat yourself to the update. Same link, same M, same place to find the description above.
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