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after long time being inactive from this site and come today, i am surprised. finally someone really take care of NPCs. keep great work mate i have dream that all NPCs and enemies are fully remodelled.
It's Rachel Leighton's Diamondback, isn't it? Will be interesting to see how you make her stand out from similar characters like Bullseye.
Everyone, the following characters have been updated:

Improved AI to not use a certain power.
Added brief explanation of lingering effect from "Divine Freeze" (unable to shorten it)

Spider-Gwen (Spider-Girls):
Added more accurate voice file.

In addition to these, Aurora has been updated. I had to make more changes than originally thought. If you've recently downloaded her, please do so once more.

As for who my next mod is, here are some hints:
1. The character is female.
2. She comes from the Marvel Universe.
3. She has history with :capamer: Captain America.
4. She has something in common with :bullseye: Bullseye.

Mod Releases and Conversions / MOVED: Soooo new to this
« Last post by BaconWizard17 on October 10, 2020, 04:34pm »
Ah, nice :)

Those are also great potential picks for anyone else who might be interested in trying to add more Soulcalibur characters! Personally, I think Yoshimitsu, Astaroth, and Cervantes de Leon would also be great choices, but that's just me.
Everyone, the following characters have been updated:

Improved AI to not use a certain power.
Added brief explanation of lingering effect from "Divine Freeze" (unable to shorten it)

Spider-Gwen (Spider-Girls):
Added more accurate voice file.

Stay tuned to The Crypt, for my next mod will soon approach, and :capamer: Captain America will be very happy about who it is...

Hey, this is really cool!

I never thought of Soulcalibur characters being in MUA before, but it actually works very well! There's actually a good number of other characters from there I could easily see being fun to play in a game like this!

Still, even if there ends up only being one, I'm glad it's Taki, because she's the one I'm the best at playing as whenever I play Soulcalibur :)

Thanks for the compliment. Yes, Taki is the only planned character from Soul Calibur. However, I can easily picture characters like Siegfried, Nightmare, Mitsurugi, and Kilik in this game. Others like Ivy will be a bit more tricky.

Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Last post by ak2yny on October 09, 2020, 01:36pm »
I'm sorry for this. There were people, that were really helpful in telling me about what dark bosses were revealed to be clones, and how we can adopt the comics' stories for unlocks. But I didn't write down who it all was. Please give us a message, if you want to be credited.

I posted this over ad Discord, because it needs testing:


Updated x_voice with "fixes": removed duplicates, placeholder breaks - added a few missing real breaks. Shortened a few break lines (the most important for Captain Marvel has been done for OCP 2.0 already).
This x_voice only includes all official sounds and voices (vanilla and OCP2).
This x_voice only includes all Marvel characters with existing announces (and breaks). Use zsm-editor to merge.
This x_voice only includes all DC characters with existing announces (and breaks). Use zsm-editor to merge.
This x_voice only includes all MK characters with existing announces (and breaks). Use zsm-editor to merge.
This x_voice only includes all remaining characters with existing announces (and breaks). Use zsm-editor to merge.
Note1: Newest and future (obviously) mods are not included. That's why I created the divided packs. This way, the x_voice stays nice and orderly.
Note2: Credits go to the various people who contributed to x_voice, especially UltraMegaMagnus who put together the newest x_voice files, where all this comes from. Edit: And of course Ceamonks890 for the custom callouts.
Note3: I added a few custom break sounds for mods that didn't have any before: Domino, Clea (matching Outsider's mod's voice), and Firestar (using MUA2 voice, I made a MUA2 sound pack for Firestar that is unreleased yet). I also replaced Cloak and Dagger break sounds with lines from MUA2. Please consult Jonny’s Voice Emporium[/b] for the only known other break lines. The current OCP 2.0 x_voice and Outsider's Cloak & Dagger both use Jonny's voices (ripped from the TV show). For replacing the duo's breaks, use zsm-editor, wait for the x_voice to load, add a 300 in front of the ID-number of the break[...].wav you want to replace, drag and drop the new sound (from a working x_voice or working wav file), and finally delete the old (the one with the 300 in front) break/file.
Note4: In the 2nd to 5th packs/links, there are a few duplicate announces and breaks (hashes only, different sounds). The game only uses the one with the lower ID number. When merging with zsm-editor, you can unselect the unwanted files/lines.
Note5: Toad hashes still are in all x_voice for the same internal naming: toad_hero. Professor X and Phoenix use the XML2 pack naming, relying on npc name change that still isn't confirmed to be included in OCP 2.

list of shortened break lines and the ones that are close to the limit (or over):
shortened breaks
- Captain Marvel (1x), fixed in OCP 2.0 (by UltraMegaMagnus?)
- Goblin Queen (2x)
- Green Goblin (1x), might not want to use, because it's a different voice actor
too long
- DFury (1x), can stay, doesn't sound too bad (only cuts off the "good" responce)
- Morrigan (1x), not fixed
close to the limit
- Venom (1x)
- Human Torch (1x)
- Firestar (1x), custom by ak2yny, from MUA2
- Bison (1x)

list of unused breaks or announces (non-duplicates):
OCP chars only, the others are complete, I think
- break_magma (1x), placeholder in OCP 2.0 x_voice is argueably better than bad sounding break in this version
different voice actor
- Cyclops (6x), clashes
- Venom (3x), (in x_voice already 108605888 - 108605890)
- Emma Frost (3x) (but placeholder only)
different name/hash, missing (unimportant?)
- Deadpool: A second entry with unknown hash (presumably XML herostat name)

Edit again:

XML upscaled icons (my version) has been updated:
Directly exported from 3dsMax. Thanks to UltraMegaMagnus.

and again:
Professor X NPC name change has ben updated. One conversation in mephisto1 is named with a 2 so I put it in the wrong folder. Fixed:

Edit again, this time for Human Torch flame-on skins. I hope they will make it into OCP2.
Released here: https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,10969.msg199945.html#msg199945
 Edit within edit: I found who made the original HQ counterpart flame-on skins: Lars Alexandersson (again). At least he made the ones for his patch for RE.
    I only have the RE skins. Check with Lars for his version.

Edit one more time: Hulk sim morph package/download/link has been updated. Thanks to Lars, I included the package  (now including Bruce and scripts).

Small conversation improvement for SIM-missions' conversations coming from different platforms. I added ": " after every %NAME% to reflect MUA 2006 SIM conversation files.

Edit for report updates:
- review_path.engb: typo for Ronin comic cover ("tem" instead of "item")
                                Name for Enchantress and Executioner LS only says "Enchantress Executioner" (thanks to LarsAlexandersson)
                                Whatever happened to Fury comic review?
                                LS is called Dr. Strange, comic cover is called Doctor Strange... (thanks to LarsAlexandersson)
- movies: I'm not sure if Widescreen intro movies are used in the next version, but I just realized that fmod (movies\ntsc\eng\i\1\i105.sfd) might not have been involved in the original release. If you are thinking of using the movies I uploaded, please remove this file. For all Widescreen the two last movies would have to be removed from "scripts\menus\intro_normal.py".
« Last post by mgcorpa on October 09, 2020, 09:47am »
Great job. Thanks for the mod.
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Last post by Ceamonks890 on October 08, 2020, 05:43pm »
^Pretty sure you were the one who suggested that Cyborg Sun. I had absolutely nothing to do with that part of the conversation on Discord.
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Last post by Cyborg Sun on October 08, 2020, 05:15pm »
I really like how you handled the character unlocks!

Ceamonks suggested to have Fury, Xavier, and Doom unlock on different difficulty settings. I couldn't figure out how to do that. Right now they're all unlocked on any difficulty setting.

...Wait, wasn't I the one who first suggested that? Or did Ceamonks agree with me at some point, and I didn't notice? Oh well, doesn't matter too much. I hope someday you can figure out the difficulty thing (if it's even possible in the first place).
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