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Glad to see this come to fruition at last! This mod has been an amazing collab overall and I'm happy that at last, the Hero of Time has returned to MUA after over ten years!

Great Work!
Link Mod

This mod was a collaborative effort between myself, BaconWizard17,  Outsider, and tubular spacedude! None of this would have been possible without their hard work! Check out their stuff! They are all very talented individuals who more than live up to their reputations! 

Hello all! Introducing the latest addition to the Ultimate Alliance- Link, the protagonist from The Legend of Zelda series!

Some of you may not know, but Link was originally supposed to be in the Wii Version of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (along with Samus- check out aventureiromax's mod of her here:,4284.1575.html ), but was cut.

In designing the powers for this mod, I tried my best to adhere both to the little footage we have while also being true to the original Zelda games.

With a character like this, it is difficult to incorporate all aspects, given how many games he's been in and all the things is able to do. Thus, we decided to stick mainly to Ocarina of Time Link- the Hero of Time- for inspiration.

And so, an overview:

His Powers

1). Sword Beam- Link fires out a beam of light from the Master Sword.
2). Great Spin- Perform a spin attack with the Master Sword.
3). Boomerang- Throws boomerang, stunning enemies.
4). Hero's Bow- Link uses his bow and arrows. Press Light Attack to fire out a normal arrow, which pierces through enemies. Press Heavy Attack to shoot a fire arrow, which sets enemies ablaze and does damage over time. Press Grab to shoot an ice arrow, which freezes an enemy and slows those around them. Press Jump to shoot a light arrow, which instantly kills non-boss enemies at the cost of all your energy. Fire and Ice Arrows also cost additional energy.
5). Bombs- Toss a bomb. Explodes in a radius.
6). Megaton Hammer- Slam the Megaton Hammer into the ground, causing damage in a radius.
7). Din's Fire- Call upon the Goddess of Power, Din, to unleash Din's Fire- an outward blast of flame that burns enemies and also sets fires on the ground.
8). Nayru's Love- Call upon the Goddess of Wisdom, Nayru, providing Link with a magical barrier that blocks all attacks for a limited time.
9). Farore's Wind- Call upon the Goddess of Courage, Farore, to teleport yourself or allies around the map. Damage is also dealt at the destination.
10). Triforce- Complete the Triforce, granting you one wish- to restore peace to the land, smiting foes and reviving allies.

Other Abilities and Attributes

1). Link has access to the Fairy in a bottle, which has a 25% chance of reviving him from death at a quarter of his health.

2). In addition to this, while blocking you can press light attack and Link will toss a deku nut, stunning enemies for 10 seconds.


All skins by BaconWizard17! Check out his work if you haven't!

1). Hero of Time
2). Goron Tunic
3). Zora Tunic
4). Dark Link


1). If you have the Director Fury mod, this will clash at the mannequin and loadscreen.

2). Has skin segments rather than boltons for his sword and shield, so be aware of surpassing the skin segment limit. He has four total (two on the back, one in each hand).


-All skins by BaconWizard17.

-Voice file/zss file by tubular spacedude.

-Loading screen by Outsider.

-Power coding, hex editing, icon creation, hud creation, power sounds/zsm file, talent coding by me (rdh94).

Special Thanks

-BaconWizard17 for providing and then importing the models, and tubular spacedude for providing and then doing the sounds. This would not have been possible without you guys!

-Outsider for the loadscreen, and for encouragement/insight regarding releasing the mod, as I had reservations due to rights issues that he put to rest.

-Ceamonks890 for insight regarding rights issues and other such things when I had reservations. He convinced me that if other games can have Nintendo characters, why not us?

-The creators of Project M for making such a perfect model that fits well with the game!

-Whoever originally posted the video of Link in MUA and whoever originally leaked that, as otherwise it would have never occurred me to try and put him into the game.

-Anyone and everyone who has ever done a tutorial on the site.

So, with all that said, and all this info at your disposal, I must ask:

Havok needs booster  :bowdown1: . His power styles and effects like Marvel Heroes and MUA2.

I'm in the works with making updates on him. He'll be given a few new moves and should be finished soon.
Oh, no! Sorry to hear it, Outsider :( I hope everything goes as well as it can for you!
Hey everyone. I can't announce my next project just yet, but it's connected to Black History Month. However, my moving plans were on hold until near the end of this month, as my new apartment will be in March. Plus, I learned that I have to get a root canal -- not fun. So I am unsure if I can finish this character before I have to move everything. I will resume my modding projects once I am settled in the new place. Stay tuned...

Nice work, Outsider!
Best Cable package ever, even comes with the big gun and the psychic channels!
I wanted to make another X-Men oriented roster since 50 roster mod came out. I saw you mentioning a Cable booster in your latest post and decided to wait for it before I make my final roster. You have no idea how excited I was for this booster. It's totally amazing, thank you!
:jumping: this is amazing love the new stuff especially Cable, I wish there was a way to show how much joy it gives me seeing all your projects. :thumbsup2:

Thanks for the comments, everyone. They are greatly appreciated, as I wanted to make sure to do Cable justice, since many people said he was in need of a booster. If Namor gets further worked on, it'll be an update of my Deep Six booster. But I'd rather not work on him until someone converts his skins from Future Fight. His current in-game skin is an eyesore.

Boosters / Re: Cyclops Uncanny Booster (Cohollow)
« Last post by ariesxj on February 10, 2020, 09:05pm »
Oooh, i see. Gotcha. I thought it meant chaining like Storm's chain lightning or some sort.
 :jumping: this is amazing love the new stuff especially Cable, I wish there was a way to show how much joy it gives me seeing all your projects. :thumbsup2:
Misc. Modifications / Re: Asset ressource for modders
« Last post by VsaintJ on February 10, 2020, 09:05am »
Hey UltraMegaMagnus. For all of this, seriously, Thank You bro.
Hello Julio.. i really love all your creation especially all your movie skin its really amazing.. but if you dont mind want u re-upload this Wolverine movie skin? the 4shared link is all down,please, Thank you... :)  :wolverine:

Link to his XML/mua compatible version. No idea whether it's as good or not as I haven't tried it out yet.,10622.0.html
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