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Started by Outsider, June 30, 2017, 07:41PM

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Quote from: edward on November 15, 2021, 04:06PM
I'm hoping for Erron Black fingers . Tanya is amazing high quality work as always.

Much appreciated. I'm a big Mortal Kombat fan, so I want to make sure the entire roster is as good (and accurate) as can be.

Quote from: TheMK on November 25, 2021, 08:56PM
Awesome work, Outsider! I love the idea of so much blood in an MUA mod!

Excited for the last kombatant!

I know, right? For Mortal Kombat warriors, you'd expect a lot of blood. We couldn't add a blood mode to the game though, since a lot of MUA's enemies are robots or androids.

Just so y'all know, the last kombatant is on hold for just a little bit, as there is something Marvel-related I'm currently working on. You'll learn what it is soon enough...

I'm sure both of those things will be awesome, Outsider! It's always worth the wait!

A new kombatant has been unlocked -- Erron Black has arrived in MUA! The Mortal Kombat expansion concludes with this redneck assassin. Click on his portrait at the warrior select screen at the first post. Here is his bio:

The gunslinger known as Erron Black had no real interest in Shao Kahn's invasion of an alternate Earthrealm, except for getting paid to assist them. So he went through the portal with no idea what awaits him, which is how he likes it. Soon enough, he came across another skilled shot -- only not with a gun, but with a bow and arrow. Normally, bullets are faster, but Erron sensed this archer could challenge that theory, and will be watching him.

And with that, I will soon update the Mortal Kombat (MK on MUA Content) game. Stay tuned.

Very epic!!! Excited for Erron Black and the update on MK in MUA!

What excellent holiday's gifts we got and I'm so glad the last mk character was indeed Erron Black I fell so spoiled gonna go check him out, thank you for keeping this game living!

Quote from: TheMK on January 01, 2022, 06:45AM
Very epic!!! Excited for Erron Black and the update on MK in MUA!

Quote from: edward on January 01, 2022, 08:40AM
What excellent holiday's gifts we got and I'm so glad the last mk character was indeed Erron Black I fell so spoiled gonna go check him out, thank you for keeping this game living!

Thanks for the compliments, fellas. Yeah, it was fun creating Erron Black for sure, and he was definitely one of the more popular MK warriors, so he had to be done.
I'll update the MK on MUA Content package very soon.

Everyone, the following kombatants have been updated:

Kabal: Added more hooksword basic attacks.
Liu Kang: Fixed his Low Fireball Animation.
Scorpion: Fixed his Spear to function better.

A team stage I really wanted to create was The Prison from MK4 & MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero, but the images are so small... I'll see what I can do.

In non-MK news, The Agent and Kate Bishop have been updated. The Agent had a script error, so just overwrite the scripts folder. As for Kate, her MCU mannequin was added.

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The first new kombatant of 2022 - Nitara has been unlocked! Now, take control of this underrated vampire fighter introduced back in Deadly Alliance and demonstrate how dangerous she can truly be in the right hands. Here is her bio copy/pasted from my mod release thread, for the sake of consistency:


The Moroi vampire from the Outworld-conquered Vaeternus realm known as Nitara, has been a victim of constant subjugation at the hands of the conqueror known as Shao Khan, ever since her realm was conquered and merged centuries before by the power-hungry dictator.

Taking advantage of Shao Kahn's attempted invasion of an alternate Earthrealm for her own ends, Nitara seeks out a man apparently made of heavily armed iron, in the hopes of bringing her realm out of the lava its securely stored in and finally have a chance at freedom from Shao Khan's rule.

But in order to convince this 'Avenger' to her cause, Nitara will have to play ball and work with him and his associates in order to get what she wants...

Everyone, as a result of Nitara joining the fray, I have added her portrait to the MK Warrior Select screen at the first post. She is listed under "Other Kombatants" for now because I don't know how to place her with the others, and if there are more possibly coming. Click on her portrait to get to her. Nice to see a fellow MK fan enter our ranks!

This is so awesome!!! Nitara's one of my favorite characters from the 3D era!!! I feel like a huge opportunity was missed in not including her in the reboot trilogy from the last decade; at least she got some cameos in some of the latest movies, but I feel like this makes up for it! So happy to see the awesome vampiress playable again!

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Sorry to bump this topic up, but I think I've got a good reason for it... Mortal Kombat 12 is coming September 19th!!! Except, it's called Mortal Kombat 1.

Official Trailer:

The first new kombatant of 2023 - Kai has been unlocked! Now, take control of this underrated pupil of Liu Kang's introduced back in Mortal Kombat 4 and demonstrate his true potential against the Masters of Evil!


Once a member within the secretive White Lotus Society and learning a variety of skills in martial arts from an assortment of experienced teachers across Asia, the mysterious African warrior known only as Kai still wasn't satisfied with what he had learned, desiring to continually improve himself and surpass his current potential.

Learning of an incredible Shaolin warrior that had saved the world through competing and winning several 'Mortal Kombat' tournaments named Liu Kang, Kai journeyed all the way to the United States in the hopes of getting in contact and becoming a pupil of his.

Soon meeting with him, Kai and Liu Kang would gradually develop a mutual respect for one another as Kai continued to impress his new teacher and colleague with how fast he learned and adapted to the techniques taught by him over the course of many weeks.

Kai's training prematurely interrupted as the invasion of the rogue Elder God Shinnok and his dark legions advanced upon the realm of Edenia, these events would go on to define Kai, affording him the chance to grow beyond his insecurities of not being strong enough to stop forces far beyond his initial comprehension.

Among the defenders of Earthrealm to successfully defeat Shinnok for the time being, Kai proceeded to finish off his training with Liu Kang before deciding to wander the world and uncover its many secrets, keeping in close contact when the situation required it through a provided Special Forces communicator.

Now however, Kai finds himself involved in a complicated mission with the many defenders of Earthrealm on an entirely new world, mysteriously contacted by a possible future version of his former teacher who had ascended to godhood, requesting Kai to stop the oncoming threat in order to prevent all of existence from being wiped away forever.

Accepting this daunting request while having to avoid confronting the younger Liu Kang about it (in order to prevent a chrono paradox), Kai found a mutual friend in a local hero of this new world who dressed like an American flag and fought against anything in his way with nothing but a durable shield.

Desiring to learn all he could during this time on this new world, Kai prepares to defend the multiverse as best he can and ensure that no-one has to lose everything over such selfish motives...

Everyone, Shinnok has been updated. His skin numbers have changed as they unknowingly caused a clash with the Sentry / Void booster. As a result, his herostat has changed as well, using 20011-20016 instead. Please go into your "packages/generated/characters" folder and delete the following:


Also, the MK on MUA Content mod has been updated. A few changes were made for better functionality for OHS users.

Those of you who have downloaded the latest version of the MK on MUA Content mod, please do so once more. There was an unforeseen issue with Scorpion and Sub-Zero not appearing. That has been rectified.,8753.msg198877.html#msg198877