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"I used to think my life was a tragedy, but now I realize it's a video game."

Nice work, Cohollow. I'd love to see a well done Batman too.

Happy Halloween.

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:storm:  STORM RELEASED  :storm:

Say hello to my first booster to feature a skin by the talented Teancum! I had intended to release it alongside Beast as it too features some of Teancum's works, but certain developments have set Beast into limbo yet again.

:gambit:   :beast:  New Powerset And More  :wolverine:   :phoenix:

:gambit: After sitting on Gambit for a long while, I've decided to change up the powerset I settled on quite a bit. :wolverine: I also plan to make a new fightstyle for wolverine. He will still have the hero fightstyle moves, but will also get the striking boost afforded by the wrestling fight style. I'll call it the feral fightstyle, and will incorporate it when I update him (a fair distance in the future). :phoenix: I also have a few ideas for powers for Jean, and may be able to do a full telekinetic build without including phoenix attacks if things keep going well (not including her Xtreme and possibly a personal buff). :beast: Beast has been ready for awhile but I'm still waiting to see where the current new skins lead. He's a hard one to release because he's mah boy and I wanna know he's as good as he can be! :avalanche: And finally Avalanche has a full powerset and is functioning well but I'm not convinced it's as good as it can be. I'll sit on him until I know what it is I feel he's missing.

:gambit: Cardistry :gambit:

Introducing the 3rd powerset I've built since since working on Gambit. Knowing my indecisiveness, You may not wanna get too attached :P I think I might be going all the way with this build tho! As my longest ongoing booster build at this point, I really hope to release it soon!

:beast:  Beast Released  :beast:

Finally have a download to the new and improved Beast mod! It only uses 1 skeleton and turned out to be much better than the original 2 skeleton version I built. Due to some IRL complications, getting these mods done has become a real struggle but they are still coming! Next up should be the release of Gambit. Now release the Beast!!,

Guess Who?

So who can tell what this project is going to be? This isn't something that I had in my current plans, but I was suddenly inspired!

:juggernaut:  I'm The Juggernaut, Comrade  :colossus:

Now introducing the Unstoppable Colossus! this mod will feature upgraded powers from both Juggernaut and Colossus.

Arcane Fist (now Arcane Stomp)
Crimson Rage

Thunder Clap
Bounding Smash

Siberian Rush (a power both characters share)
Massive Strike(re purposed as "Crush" for his basic first power)

:pyro:                           :sunfire:
:magneto:  Time To Put My House In Order  :xavier:
:stooth:                            :wolverine:

It looks like my dowloads are dropping like flies. Time to get on that. It also wasn't very nice to leave everyone hanging on the Unstoppable Colossus huh? Talk about blue balls. *cracks knuckles* Time to suit up!... after a quick nap.

:cyclops:  New Optics Update  :cyclops:

Cyclops link is back up with a new update. While my primary focus was to improve the visual effects of both Optic Crash, and Blinding Optics, I quickly ended up making many other changes. Optic Rage now does two blasts with two different effects, and his basic combo popup move will now chain into an arial combo like most other characters. Other changes include improved AOE accuracy, and rebalanced damage output among other minor changes. All changes can be applied without having to restart your game. Check out the new blaster, mah dudes!,10547.0.html

:toad:  :stooth:  :pyro:  The Head Count  :colossus:  :iceman:  :blob:

The characters that have been dropped from sendspace are Colossus, Iceman, Toad, Sabretooth, Blob, and Pyro. This is a good opportunity to revisit the characters that didn't do too hot on the downloads, and make some needed updates and improvements. Blob has been down the longest so I think I'll be starting with him. Due to the upcoming release of Unstoppable Colossus, Colossus will likely the last one I reupload. Sit tight homies, more toys are on the way! 

My most recent reply on my beast mod thread details some stuff about what I have planned for upcoming releases. It also details an issue I had that has been a bit of a set back. If ur curious give it a look see here,10753.0/topicseen.html

:gambit:  Cardistry Update, Finally Released!  :gambit:,10529.msg194316.html#msg194316

Remember when I teased this here swamp rat like a b'gillion years ago? He's ready, baby!... Until a week from now when I have a new idea, but he's been sitting for too long! With 5 brand new attack powers among other fun lil changes and improvements its time I let the boy leave the nest. XD,10529.msg194316.html#msg194316

Downloads Are Back Up
:colossus:  :toad:  :pyro:  :iceman:  :magneto:  :stooth:  :juggernaut:

I had intended to reupload them with updates, but multiple ppl have been hitting me up to get their hands on em. All are back except for Blob because I'm not very happy with his current character mod and have nearly finished his update. Go get ur toys everyone, and be on the look out for the new and improved Blob character mod! Unstoppable Colossus is also on the horizon!