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Started by Generic Unit, August 06, 2019, 10:25PM

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Thanks! It was nice to see his animations still looked nice being reuseable for his other moves. It didn't bother me much since a lot of default heroes kind of have this applied. I was just glad being able to keep the usage of Shared Animations to the minimum which, some were used for his Power5 and 6.


Also if anyone downloaded him before, I made a minor update by giving him an additional passive skill since he only had 1. His information post has also been updated with the additional passive skill included as well as leveling the skill to level 1 and his character to level 14 being required to access Body Armor.

It would be better off if you have your own thread for your stuff than have them mixed in with mine. It also makes it easier for others to find works done by you than having to search for it in someone else's thread.

Thanks for suggesting, and I'll try him out.
But still, you should make your own thread for all of your stuff because it organizes your mods much better and I will still be able to download your mods from there. Not only that, but I'm sure there are gamecube users out there that also would like to download works you've made. And it also helps expand the gamecube contents a little bit.

I have got classic gambit and also all ps2 medusa models work on gamecube.

Quote from: jayglass on September 26, 2019, 12:26AM
I have got classic gambit and also all ps2 medusa models work on gamecube.

Jayglass, BaconWizard and Lags have already told you to make your own thread several times now for posting updates of stuff you're doing. This is your final warning on this matter (because all you're doing is needlessly spamming Lags' mod thread).

Some minor updates to my two heroes. Fixed a few small issue with their beams being unable to shoot across boundaries. Downloads can be found in the original post, as well as on their hero information.

Imperial Rebel:
* Laser Beam
* Heavy Blast

Acolyte Elite:
* Shock Blast
* P2_Power and P2_impact now align together when hitting enemies in most cases.

XML 4 Player mod also received a minor update:
* In a few missions during the middle of the game, Xavier will appear as a playable party member. Added scripts to majority of the missions to ensure Xavier stays restricted until the Asteroid M mission where he's finally accessible (not counting Astral Planes). If he still appears playable in some cases, regardless if he's set as a restricted hero, then it could just be a hard coded thing.
Download can still be found in the second post of this thread.
To quickly update, you can simply just copy and paste the data folder over your current one instead of overwriting everything.

Back with a few updates. Been working on some maps and modified them so it includes custom enemies. With the lack of human enemies in this game, I thought it would be great to add some in, reusing models from the first game.

Infinite Factory:


These guys use the Nuclear Lab Tech models from the first game and replace some of the Infinites patrolling the maps around the Factory. They are ranged enemies equipped with Mp5's used by the GRSO Soldiers from the first game. Their movesets are exactly the same as the Mercenary Snipers that appear throughout the game. Since they usually appear in groups, they can deal serious damage all together on your team.

Rank Names:
Factory Security - Level 26
Factory Patrol - Level 28
Factory Officer - Leader Name


Perimeter: Radar Array Platforms

These new guys serving under Apocalypse replace the Sinister Operatives and Mikhail Warriors that appear in this map. The Special Forces use the Police SWAT model and the Special Ops use the GRSO Infiltrator's. My goal was to give this map sort of a reference to X-Men Legends 1, having you battle human soldiers and Sentinels at the same time. Since the Mikhail warriors were only scripted to appear once in this map, you won't be seeing much of the Special Ops when the map resets the enemy spawns. Once again, all these Soldiers are based off the Mercenary enemies. I find them a little bit more difficult to deal with now that they can actually hit Charlie as he's trying to set up his bomb, since the Sinister Agent's shurikens could not. Maybe in the future if I can get them to toss grenades, I will consider updating this level.

Rank Names:
Imperial Special Forces - Level 34
Platoon Officer - Leader Name

Imperial Special Ops - Level 35
Imperial Elite Ops - Leader Name