Enigma's Mini-Mods

Started by Enigma, November 11, 2021, 10:25PM

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November 11, 2021, 10:25PM Last Edit: April 02, 2024, 05:39PM by Enigma
Enigma's Mini-Mods:

These are smaller mods I made that I felt didn't really warrant a full topic of their own.

Alternate Character Select Screen

Alternate Hud Styles

Alternate Intro Dialogue

Alternate Main Menu Mods

Alternate Trivia Mod

Alternate Xtraction Points

Icons, Pickups, and Models Mod

Console-Only Cutscene

Multiple Man Boss Battle

MUA1 Cursors

MUA2 Cursors

MUA2 DS Conversations Huds and Character Select Portraits

Restored Unique Conversations

Restored Unused Ultimate SHIELD Agent

Spider-Man 3 Cursors

Team Bonuses Overhaul

Undercloak Enemy Mod

Unused MUA1 Wolverine Leather Jacket Hud

XML1 Character Select Portraits

November 11, 2021, 10:27PM #1 Last Edit: February 03, 2022, 09:09PM by Enigma
Alternate Xtraction Points v2.0


This mod includes multiple alternate Xtraction Points. Each is in a separate folder with pictures. The following are included:

*XML1 Prototype Xtraction Point (Red):
-In the XML1 prototype, the Xtraction Point is red, transparent, and doesn't have that blue light shooting up from it.

*XML1 Master Mold Xtraction Point (Turquoise):
-This turquoise Xtraction Point only appears in XMl1 just before the final battle with Master Mold.

*XML2 No Team Change Xtraction Point (Purple):
-This purple Xtraction Point only occurs in special circumstances in XML2.

*XML2 Save Only Xtraction Point (Dark Blue):
-This dark blue Xtraction Point only occurs in special circumstances in XML2.

*MUA1 Prototype Blank Xtraction Point (Light Blue):
-This is like the standard MUA1 Xtraction Point, but there's no SHIELD logo in the middle of it because Xtraction Points work differently in MUA1.
-The reason this is from the MUA1 Prototype, and that the green variant isn't included, because in the final game, the PS2 Xtraction Points are packaged in a way that we can't extract and the MUA1 PC versions don't work in XML2.

BaconWizard17 for discovering the XML1 Prototype Xtraction Point

-Renamed mod
-Added XML1 Master Mold Xtraction Point (Turquoise), XML2 No Team Change Xtraction Point (Purple), XML2 Save Only Xtraction Point (Dark Blue), and MUA1 Prototype Blank Xtraction Point (Light Blue)
-Made documentation more clear

Nice! It's really great to see new modders.
Canino passed away in April 2022. He will be dearly missed by the community

November 13, 2021, 12:44PM #3 Last Edit: January 26, 2022, 02:31PM by Enigma
Alternate Main Menu Mods v3.0


Pics are included in the mod.

This mod contains 4 alternate main menu backgrounds, an alternate main menu logo, and 2 alternate quit buttons.
The only alternate main menu background I didn't do was the XML1 Prototype X-Mansion one, because BaconWizard17 already did it. These are all the others from the XML1 Prototype, XML2, and the MUA1 Prototype.
Copy the folders in each mod folder into your X-Men Legends II folder and overwrite the files it prompts you to.

XML1 Prototype Main Menu Background:
This is the main menu background featuring Cerebro from XML1.
The reason I used the prototype version is that the retail version's map has no roof and because of that it has no lighting and as a result it's very dark.
Thankfully, the prototype version has a roof and has lighting just like it does in the retail version.
All it means it that it looks just like it does in XML1.

XML1 HAARP Boss Battle Main Menu Background:
Changes the main menu background to be the HAARP boss battle map. This maps fits the default XML2 main menu camera panning perfectly.

XML2 Unused Alternate Menu Background:
This is an unused main menu background from XML2. It's sort of a more futuristic version of the standard XML2 main menu background.
Since the camera panning can't be changed as far as I know, I have edit the files so that the camera will be in a static position. There was a limit to how much I could move the camera though. This was the absolute best angle I could get.

MUA1 Prototype Main Menu Background:
This is an unused main menu background from the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 prototype (the game was called Marvel Legends at the time). It features a rotating SHIELD symbol. I don't think the prototype acutally uses it.

Marvel Legends Main Menu Logo:
This is an unused main menu logo from the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 prototype. I don't think the prototype acutally uses it.
At the time the prototype was made, the game was still being called Marvel Legends, hence why the logo that says that.

Debug Quit Symbol:
This seems to be a debug quit symbol. I thought it looked cool, and I thought that if you're using the Marvel Legends logo, you might also want to replace the X-Men logo quit symbol.

SHIELD Quit Symbol:
This is a SHIELD logo igb taken from the PS2 version of MUA1 and repurposed as a quit button, also for if you're using the Marvel Legends logo and Background or the Marvel Universe roster mod.


The MUA1 Prototype stuff and the SHIELD quit symbol would work well if you're using the Marvel Universe roster mod for XML2 (or just using a lot of non-X-Men character mods)

Fixed a bug where the main menu music wouldn't play on the MUA1 Prototype Main Menu Background.
Changed XML2 Unused Alternate Menu Background camera.
Added XML1 HAARP Boss Battle Main Menu Background
added SHIELD quit symbol

BaconWizard17: XML2 Unused Alternate Menu Background camera troubleshooting and advice

November 16, 2021, 01:54PM #4 Last Edit: January 26, 2022, 02:24PM by Enigma
Alternate Character Select Screen v1.0:


Pics are included in the mod.

XML2 by default has a different character select screen for each act.
This mod replaces them all with the MUA1 PS2 character select screen.

Copy the UI folder to your X-Men Legends II folder and overwrite the files there.

Then go to E:\Activision\X-Men Legends II\Effects\menu and delete the following files:

Each act's character select screen is numbered so if you only want Act 1's replaced, for example, only replace "m_act_team_1" and only delete "act_team_ambient_1."

Note: Unfortunately, the 2 different character select screens from XML1 Retail and XML1 Prototype won't work in XML2 because the characters are are floating at the very top of the map, so I didn't include those.

November 20, 2021, 11:50AM #5 Last Edit: February 03, 2022, 09:12PM by Enigma
Alternate Hud Styles v2.0


This mod includes 5 alternate hud styles. There are pics in each hud's folder. They are:

*Unused XML1 Prototype Circle Buttons Hud

*Unused XML1 Prototype D-Pad Hud

*Unused XML2 Alternate Hud

*XML1 Hud:
-In XML1 itself, this hud has an x in the middle in it, but the huds work differently in XML2 so that wasn't possible.

*XML1 Prototype Hud:
-Unlike the other 2 XML1 Prototype Huds, this one is actually used in the Prototype.
-In the Prototype itself, this hud has an x in the middle in it, but the huds work differently in XML2 so that wasn't possible.


-Added XML1 Hud Style
-Rewrote readme

December 02, 2021, 01:43PM #6 Last Edit: January 26, 2022, 02:24PM by Enigma
Console-Only Cutscene


This restores the Ultimate Spider-Man Trailer cutscene, which was removed from the PC version of XML2 (which is weird because Ultimate Spider-Man did come out on the PC).

This is the GC version of this cutscene. The PS2 version doesn't work with the PC version. I didn't check the Xbox or PSP versions.

Put the cutscene in this folder: X-Men Legends II\Movies\ntsc\eng\i\1

Remove the following line from the Ultimate Spider-Man entry in the review_paths file so that it'll show up in the Movies menu:

"platform = xbox,ps2,gc,psp ;"

This means that entry in review_paths should look like the following:

   item {
   duration = 91.56 ;
   name = Ultimate Spider-Man Promo ;
   type = cin ;
   unlocked = true ;
   value = i108 ;


December 09, 2021, 11:11PM #7 Last Edit: January 26, 2022, 02:24PM by Enigma
Alternate Intro Dialogue v2.0


This mod restores an alternate version of Cyclops's dialogue during the opening cutscene where he tells Nightcrawler to pick up Xavier and take him to the X-Jet. (The files "1_introlevel_0020.engb" and "1_introlevel_0020b.engb")

This mod also restores cut dialogue of Cyclops telling the team to split up, (the file "1_introlevel_0031a.engb") which replaces the generic line of whatever character you're controlling saying that they're cut off from Sabretooth and Mystique. Enchlore says this on the matter "I think Cyclops telling them to split up might have been cut once they added the option to choose your own starting team in hard mode." I have modified this so that it only plays if Cyclops is on your team during the prologue/intro level.

These files also fixes things so that if Cyclops and Nightcrawler aren't in your roster, their names and conversation huds will still display correctly in the opening cutscene. (Thanks to Enchlore for the tutorial on how to do this.)


Enchlore: dialogue hud/name fix tutorial, how to get the split up dialogue to only play if Cyclops is on your team, troubleshooting
ak2ny: troubleshooting

Also, I updated my Alternate Main Menu Mods to include a SHIELD symbol quit button.

Updated Alternate Intro Dialogue to v2.0. Cyclops's unique dialogue will now only play if he's on your team during the intro/prologue mission.

January 26, 2022, 02:23PM #10 Last Edit: January 26, 2022, 08:09PM by Enigma
Restored Unused Ultimate SHIELD Agent v1.0


*The mod restores the SHIELD Agent's skin and conversation hud to their original unused/cut Ultimate appearances.

*The skin is unused in XML2's files. There packages that confirm it was originally the SHIELD Agent skin before Raven switched to the 616/classic comic version. The packages also mention it having a matching hud with the same unused number, 12701, but the hud isn't in the retail version of XML2.
-The conversation hud is only in the XML2 PC demo. It's number matches the unused SHIELD Agent Ultimate skin. But the hud very obviously unfinished. The costume is the wrong color (it's green and the costume is black and gray), and the hud itself isn't circular but is instead square. The art itself is also very rough. I have upscaled it, recolored it as best I could to fit the costume, and made it the proper circular shape. The conversation hud isn't perfect, but considering the rough and unfinished nature of it, I think I did a pretty good job.
-I have also included the original design of this hud as well as the unaltered non-upscaled images for those interested.


Enchlore: Identifying the skin as an Ultimate SHIELD Agent

January 28, 2022, 07:32PM #11 Last Edit: January 28, 2022, 07:38PM by Enigma
XML1 Character Select Portraits v1.0


This mod contains 28 XML Retail and Prototype character select portraits. It contains:
*AI Upscaled versions of all 14 character select portraits used in the retail version of XML1 (Beast, Colossus, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Gambit, Iceman, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Magma, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Rogue, Storm, and Wolverine)
*AI Upscaled versions of 2 unused portraits in the retail version of XML1 (Angel and Professor Xavier in his unused Ultimate costume)
*11 unused portraits from the XML1 Prototype (Avalanche, Blob, Forge, Havok, Juggernaut, Magneto, Multiple Man, Mystique, Pyro, Sabretooth, and Toad)
*1 custom portrait I made (Dark Phoenix, I've included 2 different hex edited versions: 1 for Dark Phoenix and 1 for Jean Grey).

All are hex edited, given the correct filename, and are all ready to use in XML2.

Originally, XML1's multiplayer/skirmish Danger Room mode was going to have a character select menu like the single player campaign, and the unused enemy and NPC ones are leftovers from that (Havok's was also left over from when he was originally planned to be a playable character).

I have included all the images I used, as well as the blank background for these that I reconstructed using the various images.

I changed the XML1 Prototype Xtraction Point mod to Alternate Xtraction Points, because I've added more of them.
I updated Alternate Hud Styles to V2.0.

Unused MUA1 Wolverine Leather Jacket Hud
By Enigma


This is a version of Wolverine's unused MUA1 Leather Jacket hud for Wolverine's unused MUA1 leather jacket skin. The hud not included in any version of MUA1 and was only on the official MUA1 PSP website, where it was cropped into a hexagon.
I cut it out of the image, did 2 different AI Upcscaled that I merged together, then I painted in the missing parts, used part of the hair from BaconWizard17'a Wolverine Leather Jacket hud to fill out his hair, erased the blue glow and metal background, then I added in the texture template metal background, and added a new glow.

I have included versions with and without the blue glow.
All are hex edited and will work in either XML2 or MUA1.

May 14, 2022, 04:32PM #14 Last Edit: June 26, 2023, 05:44PM by Enigma
Multiple Man Boss Battle v2.0


***Multiple Man was supposed to have a boss battle in XML1 in an rainy outdoor map of Muir Island. Moira would've told you he overextended himself and his duplicates went rogue and that you needed to defeat them. But, both the boss battle and the map were cut out of the final version of the game.
So, with that idea in mind, I have created a Danger Room boss battle for him in XML2.

This mod adds the following:
*A Multiple Man boss battle Danger Room course.
*An improved version of nodoubt_jr's Multiple Man NPC mod that's also playable in the main menu Danger Room.

Power Features:
*Uses his unused XML1 skeleton/animations.
*I did a complete overhaul of his powerstyle so that everything now works properly, as nodoubt_jr used him unused XML1 powerstyle almost entirely unaltered and it didn't work properly in many different ways.
*He no longer has might, as super strength isn't something Multiple Man should have.
*I gave him boss resistences and rebalanced him overall to be stronger.
*Switched his animations to be more fitting for his duplicate power.

Sound Features:
*His 2 unused XML1 power sounds were unfinished. They each split into 6 separate pieces. I have reconstructed these pieces by assembling them into the 2 originally intended full length power sounds.
*His 2 MUA2 power sounds fit in with his unused XML1 power sounds, so I've included them as well. This way, he will alternate between the sounds randomly and won't always use the same sounds to create duplicates.
*In XML1's files, he only has grunts and NPC lines and no boss lines. So I have made use of his large number of MUA2 boss lines and grunts, which are by a different actor, Wally Wingert.
*His sounds now work properly.

Visual Features:
*He uses his unused XML1 effects. They didn't have any color originally, so I made them dark green.
*He features my version of his XML1 skin.
-I put the higher quality Prototype texture in the right format and reskinned his XML1 Retail model with it because the Prototype models have issues that the Retail version doesn't.
*Includes his unused XML1 3D head.
*Includes a higher quality version of his XML1 conversation hud from the XML1 Prototype that I denoised to further improve its quality. He doesn't use his conversation hud in this mod, but it's there for completionism.

Misc Features:
*New packages for both skins. I have some minor fixes and changes to them.
*You can play as him in the main menu Danger Room.
*For the Danger Room course itself, I have chosen the unused Savage Land Cave Arena, as I felt that out of all the outside Danger Room maps, this one felt the most like it could be on Muir Island. Just imagine it's a cave somewhere on Muir Island.

Bonus Features:
*The higher quality XML1 Prototype versions of his unused alternate XML1 skin, which can be used instead.

-Replaced the skins with my versions. I put the higher quality Prototype textures in the right format and reskinned his XML1 Retail model with them because the Prototype models have issues that the Retail version doesn't.
-Renamed map to what it'll be called in the Ultimate Patch.
-Changed his mini convo hud (which is what's used in the main menu Danger Room) to the correct number.