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Welcome to the ever-growing and talented community known as Marvel Mods. To help veteran members, newcomers, and visitors alike, I've created this thread to help navigate you through the many (and I do mean MANY) great options available to elevate your game -- all for free. Yeah, it's that awesome.

Once you join Marvel Mods (don't worry, everything here is free), you'll have access to even more features, see the workbenches from our massive pool of talented modders and skinners, and even a Knowledge Base so you can learn how to mod or skin yourself. Believe me, there is so much more than what is listed here that we can't post it all here. That said, enjoy the ride.

Marvel Mods' Community Discord Server (CDS):
(Even if you're not a member, you can chat in real-time with members. Anyone can join. Created by Ceamonks890 & Krisan Thyme. Feel free to join the Discord Server, as it's an alternate platform for modders, skinners, and other members to discuss just about everything, but in quicker time.)

NOTE: Whenever there's a captcha problem that won't allow new members to join the forum, just know that only THX - the owner of the site can fix that.

Ceamonks890's MUA, XML1 & XML2 mod archives (Recommended only for players who can't find what they're looking for in the original modder threads and properly know how to install mods to begin with):,n2dwu8p6cd5rs/shared


X-Men Legends 2 Characters:,2471.0.html

The Outsider's Crypt:,8753.0.html

BLaw's Mods:,8049.0.html

MelloMods' Mods:,7996.0.html

Julio Cabral's Mods:,8986.0.html

Sbarth13's Stuff:,8142.0.html

MUALover's Releases:,7526.0.html

Quentin Hex (Deedooo)'s Releases:,6951.0.html

Maegawa's Stuff:,9124.0.html

Erik Lensherr's Lair:,9312.0.html

Norrin Radd's Mods:,1444.0.html


425 Additional Alternate Skins:,4122.0.html

Link-Based Marvel Skin Catalog:,8073.0.html

BLaw's Skins:,1438.0.html

Aventureiromax's Galleries:,4284.0.html,8204.0.html

Andersonbrazil's "Small" Packs:,9377.0.html

Julio Cabral's Releases:,8485.0.html

MJ Fan's Skins:,8078.0.html

BaconWizard17's PS2 Skins:,9904.0.html

AdrianoAp's Mannequins from A to Z:,10024.0.html

UltraMegaMagnus' Stuff:,10196.0.html

Dr. Bruce Banner Presents:,9530.0.html

Tommyboy2002's Meshes:,39.0.html

Quentin Hex's Skins:,4191.0.html


The Creation Station (Outsider's Loading Screens):,8839.0.html

Nick's MH Voice Packs:,10172.0.html

Ceamonks890's Character Callouts:,10038.0.html

BLaw's Realism Mod:,3631.0.html

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woot! made the list. i probably won't do any new mods, but i''ve had a couple requests to 'update' a couple of them. just started looking them over last night.

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Long time no see this amazing community, and thanks for creating this list, Outsider!
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ssooooo has anyone made any pyro or extra mods for the new steam release of the mua. i hear the graphics had been updated but since i mainly play with only modded in characters i cant seem to play the game without it suddenly crashing to desktop. any info on this would be greatly appreciated

Pyro Fan