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Started by Generic Unit, August 06, 2019, 10:25PM

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You're under arrest!

Remember the Police NPCs from X-Men Legends 1? Yeah, I made one into a Danger Room NPC you can play as. Most importanly, in case anyone wants to use this guy as a custom ally NPC for their custom level mods. He lacks a unique head model, but originally did not have one in his files and used Defaultman's head instead. It still works as a good placeholder since I don't do any modeling, and so he doesn't lack one when playing him in Danger Room Simulators.



Although, Mr. Sinister doesn't need any help when it comes to experimenting on the Genoshan civilians for Harmonic DNA, I thought it be fun to create some Lab Tech enemies to assist him in his work. These guys replace the Energy Demon that appears in the first map when you enter Genosha as well as the Hell Hounds in the map you meet Mr. Sinister in. Being forced away from helping Sinister with searching for the Harmonic DNA, these helpless guys take arms with tranquilizers against your heroes in hopes of capturing you for Sinister's experiments. Getting hit by them will make you slower and vulnerable to other enemies to attack you, as well as having these maps becoming more difficult to progress in early game. How else are these guys be able to capture mutants so easily around here? Their weapon of course!

Rank Names:
Mutant Experimenter
Lead Experimenter - Leader Name

Some danger room enemies incoming!

Imperial Skirmisher

The GRSO Skirmisher from X-Men Legends 1 makes a return under a new name. I have plans on him replacing an enemy in one of the maps in story mode and will most likely appear in Act 4 when I reach to a specific point in my saved file. His blue powergloves are no longer just for show. He now has a new power move that delivers a series of punches at his enemy. His third punch in his Power_Attack will stun his enemy, locking them into his combo until he delivers the last punch that will knock them down. He can even cloak!

See him in action:


Galactus Punisher

"For Galactus!"

The strange Juggernaut-look-like enemy enters the game directly from Marvel's Ultimate Alliance 1. Not much to say here, other than being a direct port from the PS2 version. Changed his skin ID to share with Juggernaut's which starts at 3410 so it doesn't interfere with his initial costume set. He's also been scaled to be a bit bigger than normal sized enemies. Added a few shared sound effects to his powerset due to sound modding not possible yet for Gamecube. Gave him Defaultman's DUMMY head as a placeholder since MUA doesn't use head models for their characters. I'll most likely be doing this for other generic enemies if I plan to import more from MUA. He'll also be using voice clips of the Infinite Prometheus Mod that appear in Act 4 so his character isn't mute.

See him in action:

A late Christmas update adding in more danger room enemies:

Imperial Soldiers (GRSO Soldiers)

I've always wanted to bring these guys back into this game due to their absence and all. The GRSO Captain with the Knockback Gun (bottom left) is meant to have a red uniform, but I had trouble trying to get all these guys to appear on the map properly without having their outline glitch out of place from their models. I even tried hiding their outlines but the results ended the same. The only way I could fix the minor glitch was to use two separate skins from both the PS2 AND GCN version of XML1 while using ONE GRSO skin from each of the selections from both games, so I decided to settle with these.
Having their models reused for the Collector enemies in Genosha, it's time to finally show them who's the real bosses are!

Enemy Information:

Imperial Soldier - Now uses fightstyle_gun_rifle in power set. New powers include a Rapid Fire skill for primary ability (does not chain like in XML 1), and grenade throw for secondary.

Imperial Assault - Uses the Fightstyle_Baton in his ps_powerstyle. Also inflicts lightning damage in each hit.

Imperial Skirmisher - Released before but will be included in the pack regardless. (also changed the separate download link of him to link with this download pack)
- Removed Cloaking Device ability. Updated 5/14/2020.

Imperial Captain - Uses fightstyle_gun_hip in his ps_powerstyle as well as his same moves from XML1. Has physical resistance and knock_resist applied on to him. Special bullet effects are borrowed from the Armored Collector enemies.
* Now includes a new stun grenade skill for secondary ability. Deals only 1-3 damage but stuns enemies for a short time.
* Homing Missile ability has also been added for 4th power slot.

Imperial Black Guard - Newest addition to the pack. Operates just like he does in X-Men Legends 1.  Updated 5/14/2020.
- Jumps into the air and throws 5 shurikens.
- Uses a flash bang that debuffs enemies by inflicting def damage on them.
- Can cloak.


AIM Troopers

These bucket heads were pretty fun to battle as well, and were on my top list of generic enemies to bring over to X-Men Legends II. Mainly because I have plans using the AIM Trooper's powerstyle to use over an enemy in story mode. They were easy to do since majority of them are pretty much carbon copies of the GRSO Soldiers I previously worked on, and I relatively gave them the same stats. Unlike in MUA, you can't remove them of their weapons.
Now you can gain control of these guys in the Danger Room simulator!

Enemy Information:

AIM Trooper - Uses the actual AIM Trooper Powerset and has fightstyle_hero applied on to him. Removed the shield bash talent.

AIM Trooper (Shielded) - Uses the actual AIM Trooper Powerset and the fightstyle_hero talent. Includes the shield bash move on his third slot, and his fightstyle_hero has limitations on his attacks. Has physical resistance and knock_resist applied on to him.

AIM Infantry (New Variant) - Copied from Imperial Soldier. Powerstyle is based off the Mercenary enemies, and uses an Mp5 as his weapon of choice.

AIM Assault (New Variant) - Copied from Imperial Assault. Uses a nightstick instead of a power baton and inflicts physical damage instead of lightning.


Madri Holocaust Portal Fix

I don't know if it was originally intended for the portal to go inactive after you beat Holocaust even though there isn't really a reason go back in there, but this map patch places a recon beacon next to the mind alter so you can return to the map at anytime. Took me a while to figure out how to get the teleporter to only work after you place the mind artifact on the altar. It ended up being simpler than I thought. >_>

The download also includes a hex code and minor things that can hopefully help others be able to do this for the other ports of the game. Though, I can't test it myself to be certain it will work guarantee.


Prelate Zealot Voice Update for Avalanche:

Using Hex Editor to make minor changes to the x_voice, I was able to find the Prelate Zealot enemy's set of voices, and copied and pasted stuff around to make it more suitable for Avalanche to use temporarily.

What's changed for the Prelate Zealot voice set in this temporarily X_Voice:

- No longer says "Help Meeee!", and "Alert the Prelate Lords!" when defeated in battle.

- Replaced the voice clips:
"You're all mine, cupcake!", "Let's rip'em up!", and "Take these jerks down!",

with duplicate clips of "Come on, punk! Let's dance!", "I'm gonna pulverize you!" and "Let's see what you got!"

Make sure you backup your old X_Voice in case if anything goes wrong.

Do all these mods work as it on the pc version too?
It's the only version of the game I have, and my excitement to try your mods is off the charts.

I've been scouring the forms all day and night for how to install these on the gamecube version with no luck. Is there a link for how to do this? I do have dolphin now if that helps. XML2 is my favorite of these games, so im dying to try out these mods, along with yours.

Quote from: VsaintJ on January 28, 2020, 01:30PM
I've been scouring the forms all day and night for how to install these on the gamecube version with no luck. Is there a link for how to do this? I do have dolphin now if that helps. XML2 is my favorite of these games, so im dying to try out these mods, along with yours.

I'll have to write tutorial on it so it will help beginners able to install the mods for their gamecube games.

A tutorial is up on a first step to installing mods for Gamecube users. It only covers being able to exceed pass the file limits when trying to replace things in the disc's image. Installing custom characters for the gamecube operates the same as the PC/PS2/X-Box versions, so you'll find tutorials on that floating around in the same section.