Enigma's MUA1 Miscellaneous Mods

Started by Enigma, February 18, 2022, 09:22PM

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February 18, 2022, 09:22PM Last Edit: July 05, 2024, 04:09PM by Enigma
Enigma's MUA1 Miscellaneous Mods:

Arachne MUA1 Original Skin

Batman Justice League Heroes Cover Hud

Beast X-Treme Gear Alternate Skin

Ben Grimm Age of Apocalypse Skin

Ben Grimm Spacesuit Skin

Captain Britain Unused MUA1 Ultimate Skin

Corsair's Cutlass Bolton

Corsair's Revolver Bolton

Corsair MUA1 Classic Skin

Cyclops XML2 Ultimate Cutscene Skin

Dr. Doom MUA1 NPC Hud Remake

Electro Unused MUA1 Classic Skin

Forge Earth-95165 Skin

Forge Classic Skin

Forge Classic Alternate Skin

Forge Modern Skin

Forge Modern Alternate Skin

Forge New X-Men Skin

Forge X-Treme Gear Skin

Forge XML Ultimate Alternate Skin

Forge XML Ultimate Skin

Ghost Rider MUA1 Hud Remakes

Guardian Antiguard Skin

Guardian XML2 Classic Skin

Hellfire Club Guards Skin Pack

Human Torch Flame On Silver Age Skin

Human Torch Marvel Nemesis Dark Skin

Human Torch Unused MUA1 Flame On Hud

Hulk MUA1 Cutscene Model Hud

Hulk Unused MUA1 Original Gray Alternate Skin

Hulk Unused MUA1 Classic Green Alternate Skin

Lady Sif Unused MUA1 Prototype Skin

Luke Cage MUA1 90s Skin

Luke Cage MUA1 New Avengers Skin

Luke Cage MUA2 Skin

Magik XML1 Civilian Skin

Mikhail Hud

Mattie Franklin Unused MUA1 Modern Skin

Marvel Legends Menus

Mister Fantastic MUA1 Expanded Voicepack

Morph Age of Apocalypse Skin

Morph Age of Apocalypse Alternate Skin

Morph Animated Series (Jacket) Skin

Morph Animated Series (Jacketless) Skin

Morph Exiles Skin

Morph X-Treme Gear Skin

Morph Ultimate (Jacket) Skin

MUA2 DS Hud Recreations

Nightcrawler MUA1 Cutscene Model Hud

Peter Parker 90s Animated Series Skin

Radioactive Man MUA2 Skin

Reverse-Flash Skin

Senator Kelly Skin

Sharon Ventura Miss Marvel 90s Skin

Sharon Ventura She-Thing Skin

Sharon Ventura She-Thing Alternate 1 Skin

Sharon Ventura She-Thing Alternate 2 Skin

Silver Surfer Captain Universe Skin

Silver Surfer Classic Skin

Silver Surfer Dark Surfer Skin

Silver Surfer Infinity Gauntlet Skin

Silver Surfer Infinity Watch Skin

Silver Surfer MUA1 Prototype Original Skin

Silver Surfer Norrin Radd Skin

Silver Surfer The Keeper Skin

Songbird MUA2 Thunderbolts Skin

Spider-Man 2000 Game Cover Loading Screens

Spider-Man 4 Xbox 360 Loading Screen

Spider-Man 2099 Original Skin

Spider-Man Black Suit Randy Schueller Skin

Spider-Man Classic McFarlane Eyes

Spider-Man MUA1 Black Suit Skin

Spider-Man MUA1 Classic Small Eyes

Spider-Man MUA1 Dark Skin

Spider-Man MUA1 Fixed Iron Spider

Spider-Man Unlimited Skin

Spider-Man Unused MUA1 Classic with Big Eyes Skin

Spider-Man Unused MUA1 Classic with Medium Eyes Skin

Spider-Man Negative Zone Skin

Spider-Man Original Skins

Storm MUA1 Expanded Voicepack

Super-Skrull Concept Art Skin

Super-Skrull Ultimate Skin

Superman Justice League Heroes Cover Hud

Thor MUA1 Classic Statue Skin

Tyr MUA1 Statue Skin

Unused MUA1 Wolverine Leather Jacket Hud:

Winter Soldier Boss Upgrade Mod

Wolverine Bone Claws

Wolverine Evil Skin

Wolverine Evil Human Skin

Wolverine Secret Invasion Skin

Wolverine Unused MUA1 Brown Jacket Skin

Wolverine Unused XML1 New X-Men Skin

Zarathos Original Skin

Zarathos MUA1 Unused 90s Skin

February 18, 2022, 09:23PM #1 Last Edit: July 01, 2022, 06:22PM by Enigma
Unused MUA1 Wolverine Leather Jacket Hud


This is a version of Wolverine's unused MUA1 Leather Jacket hud for Wolverine's unused MUA1 leather jacket skin. The hud not included in any version of MUA1 and was only on the official MUA1 PSP website, where it was cropped into a hexagon.
I cut it out of the image, did 2 different AI Upcscaled that I merged together, then I painted in the missing parts, used part of the hair from BaconWizard17'a Wolverine Leather Jacket hud to fill out his hair, erased the blue glow and metal background, then I added in the texture template metal background, and added a new glow.

I have included versions with and without the blue glow.
All are hex edited and will work in either XML2 or MUA1.

May 24, 2022, 10:50AM #2 Last Edit: January 19, 2023, 08:10PM by Enigma
Marvel Legends Menus v5.0


The MUA1 Prototype, which is called Marvel Legends, has very different menus.
This mod enables as many of them as I could fix and get working in MUA1.

This mod changes the following menus, which have been fixed to work in MUA1:
*Character conversations menu
*In-Game Messages (Load Game, Unlock a new character or simulator mission, quit game, stuff like that)
*Save Point Menu
*Review Menu
-This has a small white Marvel Legends logo in the lower left corner.
*The Marvel Ultimate Alliance logo on the legal screen and main menu. (The Marvel Legends logo even has an animated gold sparkle! It doesn't appear to have been used in the MUA1 Prototype.)
-I also replaced the file m_logo_lg, which is another MUA logo. I don't know where this appears in-game. If you know of a 3rd place where the Marvel Legends logo show up, please let me know on the forums or discord so I can update this readme.
*Pause Menu
-This menu also has a small white Marvel Legends logo in the lower left corner.
-This had crashing issues, but I believe I've fixed them by removing a broken menu option that MUA1 doesn't have anyway. This means there is a blank spot in the menu. This was unavoidable, but there aren't any scrolling issues and every menu option comes up fine.
-If you experience any after installing this mod, and believe it's related, please let me know.
*Players Menu

*This mod also add a map visibility toggle option to the Pause Menu.

*Marvel Legends Full Main Menu:
-I took screenshots of some of the Marvel Legends main menu elements in Alchemy Insight, expanded them, and put them together as a loading screen to recreate, as close as I could, what the Marvel Legends unused main menu looked like, and altered the main menu's engb file to have a loading screen instead of a video playing.
*Marvel Legends Main Menu Select Bar:
-This replaces the default main menu select bar with the unused Marvel Legends version. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the molecules overlay to appear on it as the Marvel Legends files make it clear it was intended to. It also appears in the Options menu, where it overlaps a little bit, but it's not a big deal.
*MUA1 Logos:
-This adds a gold MUA1 logo to the main menu loading screen and main menu (thanks to tubularspaceman for finding this) and a white MUA1 logo to the pause menu.
*Unused Main Menu Select Bar:
-This replaces the default main menu select bar with an unused version from MUA1 PC's files.
*Debug Menu:
-This adds the Debug Menu to the Pause Menu and changes the Debug Menu to it's Marvel Legends version.
-The Debug Menu is empty, so this isn't very useful.
-It's only here for preservation and for anyone that want to take a look at it.

*tubularspaceman: finding the gold MUA1 logo.

-There is one lingering issue. The objectives menu doesn't quite work right and if you open it, the game sometimes crashes. I'd recommend not entering the Objectives Menu while using this mod. But since it's not used very much, I figured releasing this with the disclaimer was okay. Also, your current objectives appear on the main pause menu anyway, so you don't really need to open the menu anyway.

-Added bonus MUA1 Logos. This adds a gold MUA1 logo to the main menu loading screen and main menu (thanks to tubularspaceman for finding this) and a white MUA1 logo to the pause menu.
-Added Marvel Legends Full Main Menu
-Added Marvel Legends Main Menu Select Bar
-Added Unused Main Menu Select Bar
-Added Pause Menu, which I've fixed. Also includes a new map visibility toggle option.
-Added Players Menu
-Added Debug Menu and an optional alternate file that lets you access it.
-I had accidentally forgotten to include the In-Game Messages and Save Point Menus files.
-Added Marvel Legends Logo to the legal screen and main menu.
-Added image of conversation menu which I'd forgotten in v1.0.

June 27, 2022, 06:18PM #3 Last Edit: July 11, 2022, 09:17AM by Enigma
:sskrull:Super-Skrull Ultimate Skin v1.0 :sskrull:


I've taken the unused MUA1 Super-Skrull Ultimate skin texture (taken from MUA1 PSP lead artist Jason Harlow's website) and put it on the PS2 Super-Skrull model and the MUA1 Prototype Cel-Shaded Super-Skrull model.
I have also recolored Super-Skrull's MUA1 hud to match the skin's colors.

*BaconWizard17: help
*MrKablamm0fish: ALchemy 3.2 Optimizer

:wolverine:Wolverine Bone Claws :wolverine:


I reskinned BaconWizard17's Wolverine Metal Bone Claws Bolton with a bone claw texture I made.
There are Cel-Shaded and Non-Cel-Shaded versions.
These will appear on all skins.

*BaconWizard17: Wolverine Metal Bone Claws Bolton

:sskrull:Super-Skrull Concept Art Skin v1.0 :sskrull:

Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vTVaKBVzSfy1oEXrj8IX8zJ1lg9uDLVg/view?usp=sharing


In MUA1's concept art gallery, Super-Skrull's skin is shown as having his right arm and hand be the Thing's and his right arm and hand be the Human Torch's. They are also shown as being different sizes. Whereas in the final game, he doesn't.
This changes his arms and hands to both be the Thing's, which is as close as I can get because his arms are both the same size and shape, and they're well-suited to look like the Thing's arms. I also think it looks great like this anyway.

I have included 2 versions: 1 version on the PS2 Super-Skrull model and 1 version on the MUA1 Prototype Cel-Shaded model.

Because the Captain Marvel Simulator Mission boss version of Super-Skrull in the Official Character Pack uses a custom hud using art not from MUA1, I've included a version of his campaign boss hud that's hexedited for the Simulator boss version.

October 23, 2022, 10:57AM #7 Last Edit: August 27, 2023, 12:20PM by Enigma
:electro:Electro Unused MUA1 Classic Skin v2.0 :electro:

Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PFhGkKEq_hKmPaGJjuF67uPTKYAPXaoh/view?usp=sharing


**This is Electro's unused MUA1 PS2 Classic skin, which was reused in the Wii, PS2, and PSP versions of MUA2.
*I ripped the MUA2 Wii version of the model, applied the texture to it which ak2ny had ripped, gave it a new and better working skeleton, and fixed the model.
*I also made a lot of fixes and improvements to the texture, as it was in fairly rough shape originally.
*I've made Cel Shaded and non-Cel Shaded versions, as well as a 3D head, character select portrait, and 2converation huds: an XML2-style one and a MUA1-style one.
*The MUA1 version has been hex edited, so that it's all ready to use with Enchlore's Electro Boss mod and the Electro character mod.
*The XML2 version isn't hex edited, as there isn't a XML2 Electro mod.

*ak2ny: ripping texture
*BaconWizard17: skeleton template, screenshot template, troubleshooting
*UltraMegaMagnus: troubleshooting


-I fixed various issues with the texture.
-I fixed some issues with the model.
-I redid the skeleton to fix mistakes I made the first time.
-I had forgotten to hex edit something in the skins.

November 20, 2022, 10:10AM #8 Last Edit: November 20, 2022, 10:12AM by Enigma
Winter Soldier Boss Upgrade Mod v1.0


**This mod adds and changes things about the Winter Soldier boss's gun power that are only in the MUA1 Prototype version of him:
*It now does knockback.
*It now has a charge effect.
*Its beam effect and impact effect are different.

December 29, 2022, 02:49PM #9 Last Edit: July 05, 2024, 03:36PM by Enigma
:spiderman: Spider-Man Unused MUA1 Classic With Big Eyes Skin v2.0 :spiderman:

Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19GxQ8_SaglHFhipGGdVG9u1LU1ltpZEi/view?usp=sharing


**This is recreation of Spider-Man's unused MUA1 Classic Big Eyes skin, which features big eyes like the early unused art and cutscene model had.
*I used a version of Spider-Man's Classic MUA1 PS2 model which I modified to fix issues. I started with BLaw's Spider-Man Classic texture, which I modified to fix issues, make some changes, and recolored it to be brighter.
*I replaced the eyes with new eyes I made to look as close to the unused big eyes as possible.
*I made versions with and without web wings, which are versions of BLaw's web wing models and their textures that I modified to fix some issues. I made Cel Shaded and non Cel Shaded versions of each.
*I've made a 3D head, a character select portrait, and XML2 and MUA1 style huds.
*I've also made the following character select portraits and XML2 and MUA1 style huds using official MUA1 art of Spider-Man with small eyes: unused MUA1 loading screen (uses an unused loading screen I repaired and AI Upscaled), MUA1 Cover (I AI Upscaled and repaired this art), MUA1 Cutscene Model (from a model render sheet I found), MUA1 Promo Playing Card (using a higher quality version I found),
*I've also included the OCP's fixed version of Spider-Man's default Classic MAU1 hud because the art is actually the head from his unused MUA1 Big Eyes loading screen put on a new neck.

*BLaw: original Spider-Man Classic skin texture, original web wing models, original web wing texture
*metal venger1: finding alternate Spider-Man loading screen which I repaired and restored
*Official Characters Pack: fixed version of MUA1 Classic hud

-Completely did and replaced everything.

December 31, 2022, 12:21PM #10 Last Edit: January 02, 2023, 11:48PM by Enigma
:spiderman:Spider-Man 2000 Game Cover Loading Screens v1.1 :spiderman:


These are based off of a high quality version of the Spider-Man 2000 PS1 game box art without logos that I found.
There are 2 versions.
One is the original version I found and features small eyes (which the game box doesn't so this is presumably an unused variant of the art) and for the other, I AI Upscaled the Amazing Spider-Man 2001 Annual cover, which uses big eyes like the game box does, and edited the eye parts into the image.
For both, I fixed an issue on the right side of Spider-Man's head and Denoised them.

I've included the fullsized images of both.

-Fixed issue with them appearing as the wrong colors in-game.

January 03, 2023, 12:40AM #12 Last Edit: January 03, 2023, 12:43AM by Enigma
Radioactive Man MUA2 Skin v1.0

Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sOdau6Lc5YO3zzdzJ2YGheqBVwXD0_1Z/view?usp=share_link


This is Radioactive Man's MUA2 skin from MUA2 Wii/PS2/PSP.
I've converted the original texture to the proper format, reskinned his MUA1 PS2 model with the texture, and recolored his MUA1 hud, as well as fixed an issue with a weird bit of blue glowing on the right side of the hud.

*ak2ny: ripping all the MUA1 Wii textures.

:spiderman:Spider-Man Negative Zone Skin v1.0 :spiderman:

Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-w5oj4LksqM35O3d4oZabBdq21My0c-6/view?usp=share_link


***This is my skin of Spider-Man's Negative Zone costume.
*This is also included in my XML2 Spider-Man mod.
*I made the texture.
*tubularspacedude did a Cel Shaded version of this and I did the non-Cel Shaded version.
*I've done XML2-style and MUA1-style versions of his conversation hud, as well as a character select portrait, all using part of a Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions promotional render of this costume.
*Versions hex edited for both MUA1 and XML2 are included.

*tubularspacedude: making the Cel Shaded version of the skin.