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This post is to inform you all of important information on the site itself, any warnings, or miscellaneous news & notes from the staff that you need to be aware of. It is to your best interest to take all info placed here by admins and moderators very seriously.

We have been noticing pop-up ads appear on the site for those who do not have adblockers. One of which is called a "Login Helper." Do not click on those. As you attempt to login, scroll down to view the official login -- it will have a "Minutes to stay logged in" and will say "60" by default. That is the official login. THX has been contacted in regards to this matter.

We've installed a new dark theme called SmallCube for those who have sensitive eyes. This is a very basic theme and doesn't have any Marvel branding.

To change your theme:
1-Hover over Profile, click Account Settings
2-Hover over Modify Profile, click Look and Layout
3-In the Current Theme section, click Change
4-Find the theme you want, then click Use This Theme

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Original Message:

Is this still an issue for people? AdSense is saying the ad network is now functioning properly, this should actively filter out rogue/scammy ads.

Can you click the X at the top right of the ad and flag it as inappropriate?

Quote from: THX on April 24, 2020, 06:25PM
Can you click the X at the top right of the ad and flag it as inappropriate?

Did that a few times -- no good. If you refresh the page or go to a different page on the site after you flag the ads, they still appear as if nothing was done at all.

Big bummer, I'll do research on this and will either go with a more reliable ad network, or revamp the system entirely.

I have a love/hate relationship with ads. They can clutter up an experience but if not overdone it's a nice way to support the sites I visit. I have a family now so trying to passively account for server costs.

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